Keeping operators connected in real-time

Darold Evans, owner of Sandwich Car Wash, in Sandwich, MA was one of our first users of SiteWatch Web.  Even though the regular SiteWatch reports gave Darold a view of the wash’s annual trends, with SiteWatch Web he found that he could dig deeper and get more analytical detail.

SiteWatch Web has a variety of Pass Plan Reports.  These reports give Darold the ability to keep abreast on the activity of his monthly plans. Darold notes, “You can also see the seasonal ebbs and flows of your ARM customers.  It just gives you a nice way of really seeing what is going on.”   The Pass Plan Analysis report shows important membership statistics like number of plans joined and terminated.  He can also check the total monthly revenue, as well as the recharge amount for the month.  The Pass Plan Recharges Report shows the number of recharges approved and declined.  It also shows the number of declined charges to be retried.  This can be filtered to show the customers that have been declined, giving the cashiers the opportunity to be proactive if and when an issue arises.

The Sales Viewer is another report that Darold relies on.  This report shows an in-depth detail of every transaction made at every sales terminal at the wash.   You are able to open up by last name, transaction, or the last four digits of the credit card.  This is particularly helpful if there is a billing issue.

Darold discovered a fantastic customer service opportunity when using the Member Usage Report.  He was able to find customers who were not using their unlimited wash passes.  These customers were quite happy that the wash reached out to them to remind them to use their monthly plans.

Another important feature of SiteWatch Web is that it can be used from any web-enabled device.  Operators can stay connected in constant real-time, wherever they are.  Darold logs in at least once a day while onsite, and likes being able to use it remotely when he is away a couple of times a year.

SiteWatch Web is a tool that contains an incredible amount of valuable information but is not difficult to use.  Darold said, “It is very user-friendly, I felt comfortable using it almost right away.”

SiteWatch Web is available as part of SiteWatch 23.