Vehicle Profile Detection

The sound choice for enhanced control

Vehicle Profile Detection™, an optional module for TunnelWatch®, uses sonar to profile vehicles to the inch and automatically identifies and adjusts for pickup truck beds and other features.

Save energy and chemicals and deliver a better service by precisely detecting truck beds. Gone are the days of putting too much wax into the truck bed, spinning a brush needlessly or even creating inadvertent damage to a vehicle. With Vehicle Profile Detection from DRB™ Tunnel Solutions, you’ll rest easy knowing that truck beds are detected and equipment reacts accordingly.

Key Features

By adding Vehicle Profile Detection to TunnelWatch, your car wash tunnel equipment will automatically adjust for a pickup truck bed without requiring any action from your employees.

  • To-the-inch bed detection means that you’ll minimize wasted chemicals, electricity and wear-and-tear on your equipment.
  • In many cases, reduces the number of relays used on your TunnelWatch controller – allowing you to use those relays on future expansion ideas or to more precisely control other equipment.
  • Windshield & side mirror detection means more accurate and safer equipment operation.
  • Minimal wiring is needed to implement – saving you electrician fees and installation hassle.
  • Can control an unlimited number of devices because the profile detected is built into the program for each car and doesn’t require wiring to individual devices.
  • Introduces a new concept called “Simulated Sonar”. Like our popular “Simulated Pulse” and “Simulated Enter”, this feature means that in the unlikely event the sonar detector fails, TunnelWatch will assume a standard truck profile and behave accordingly for all devices in the tunnel.
  • TunnelWatch also allows for cloud-based software updates, making updating to new software versions fast and easy.

What Next?

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