SiteWatch® Car Wash Point of Sale Software

The Leading Point of Sale Software for the Car Wash Industry

How do you manage your business? When you think of Point of Sale solutions, do you think of paystations or sales software? At DRB Systems, our IN•KNOW•VATION® provides SiteWatch® Point of Sale Software for the Car Wash Industry with state-of-the-art technology designed to manage ALL ASPECTS of your EXPRESS or FULL SERVE, single or multi-site business.

SiteWatch Point of Sale Software

Power and flexibility in a Windows based POS Management system — that’s SiteWatch. It is a feature-rich point of sale solution that helps you manage your business, not just your sales. It can be configured to meet the specific demands of any business, from the single-location car wash to the multi-profit center chain. With SiteWatch, you can run a quick lube, car wash, and other profit centers on a single computer system. SiteWatch works for any car wash tunnel – exterior, self-pay express, flex, full service, and any combination in between.

Have a multi-unit chain? SiteWatch lets you transfer sales, labor and customer history data across your entire organization over the Internet using secure, encrypted methods. Now you can customize your POS system to reflect the way your business really works.


SiteWatch Customization

SiteWatch offers customizable add-ons that innovate how you interact with your customers and the way they buy car washes.


Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT)

The self-pay terminal that increases productivity, saves time and allows customers to control their own transactions.

Xpress Pay Terminal® works for exterior or full service tunnels – wherever you want to allow the customer to self-pay.

  • High Volume – Saves time for your busy customers and increases your productivity by processing up to 80 cars per hour. Up to 8 XPTs can be supported at a single site.
  • Flexibility – Works as a stand-alone unit at an Express Exterior or issues unique wash numbers for an express lane at a Full-Service.
  • Xpress Credit Card Clearing – Clears credit cards in less than 2 seconds. If the Internet connection goes down, the XPT will store credit card information and transmit it later.
  • Attractive Audio-Visual Interface – User friendly, easy-to-follow, and available in English and Spanish. It can also be easily branded for your car wash.
  • Weather Resistant Reliability – Designed specifically for a car wash environment, the XPT stands up to the elements, and it’s backed by a 24/7 team of dedicated support professionals.
  • Heater and Solid State Memory Backup – For added reliability.
  • User-Friendly “Strike Zone” – Allows your customers to reach all functions to complete transactions without bending or stretching.

A Marketing Tool

  • Multiple Sites or Single Location – Replication Logic feature shares information between all XPTs and home office, allowing loyalty promotions and prepaid sales to be run at multiple sites without sacrificing control.
  • Prepaid Cards – Accepts prepaid cards loaded with wash units or cash value. In either case, there is never a transaction fee. Also, the XPT has a built-in gift card dispenser.  Click here to read more about prepaid cards.
  • Prepaid Receipts – The XPT can load prepaid washes on receipts.
  • Built-In Barcode (Image) Reader – Allows you to accept discount coupon mailers and newspaper ads, barcode receipts at the XPT, as well as reading barcodes from a smart phone device. Supports a wide range of barcodes, including UPC-A, QR Code, UPC-E, EAN-8, 2of5, Code 39, Code 93 and Code 128.
  • WashCAP – Customers can buy washes at retail fuel pumps and use them at the XPT, even if the service station is owned by another business. Click here to read more about WashCAP.
  • Loyalty Marketing – The XPT supports club cards. Its screen can have a special menu with different prices for loyalty club members. Receipts can also show members how many washes they need to achieve an award, or the expiration date for their club membership. Click here to read more about our Loyalty Promotion Module (LPM)
  • Intelligent Receipts – Special sales messages can be printed by the XPT’s built-in receipt printer. These receipts can be aimed at different customers based on the wash options they purchased, the date of their last visit or other factors.
  • Custom Decals and base Wraps – Completely brand your XPT with customizable decals and base wraps to match your logo.  Impress your customers with this attractive way to design your XPT. See sample designs.


  • House Accounts – Issue FastPass tags or barcode cards to house accounts, and bill them later. You can also sell monthly passes to house accounts that are renewed automatically via credit card billing.
  • Detailed Reports – The XPT® runs on the SiteWatch system, so informative reports can be run for each individual unit.
  • Alerts & Bulletins – Provide real time data about each XPT to any Internet connected device, including cell phones and laptops. This feature can alert you automatically about potential problems.


FastPass® Wireless Acceptance System (FastPass®)

FastPass® by DRB Systems increases throughput and saves valuable time for your customers.

FastPass® Wireless Acceptance System uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to approve transactions as customers approach the SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal®.  An RFID tag in the lower corner of the driver’s side windshield is scanned by the reader, verifies the customer file for approval and opens the entry gate. FastPass® provides access to a variety of loyalty and subscription-style selling programs, such as:

  • monthly wash plan vehicles
  • house accounts
  • family plans
  • prepaid customers
  • Nth Wash Free
  • club members


Automatic Recharge
Module® (ARM®)

ARM® Recurring Payment Handling makes it easy to sell and manage monthly plan programs.

DRB Systems’ Automatic Recharge Module® is a no hassle recharge authorization process for loyalty and monthly plans that offers the kind of simplified buying experience your customers want. With ARM®, customers who sign up for unlimited monthly wash plans authorize you to recharge their credit cards every month.  ARM® has the flexibility to fit your express exterior, full-serve or flex serve car wash business model.

Website Connect™

Website Connect™ is your e-commerce link to online sales and monthly plan management.

Website Connect™ turns your website into a 24/7 salesperson! Customers can purchase car washes, prepaid cars and unlimited monthly passes through your website. All sales enter directly in your SiteWatch® Point of Sale for tight control and financial tracking.  Additional value add features:

  • SmartCode® support offers paperless purchases; barcodes can be used from a mobile device at on-site readers
  • Gift-giving is made easy with purchases sent direct to friends and family
  • Flexible payment options, including PayPal

Click here for an interactive online demonstration >

Multi-Site Replication®

Multi-Site Replication® allows you to quickly & securely transfer data site-to-site for effective business management.

  • Configuration data – prices, terminal setups, item descriptions and more
  • Sales history, including transaction history, key operating statistics and sales information by profit center
  • Labor data with employee vitals and time clock information
  • Customer information including visit history, membership plan status or prepaid wash balances, and average purchase amounts




Take control of your online sales and email marketing with SmartCodes®

  • SmartCodes® successfully integrates SiteWatch® prepaid codes for use in electronic marketing.
  • You can take control of your online sales and email marketing by generating links that can be sent in texts, emails or posted on social media.
  • When clicked, they create an easy-to-use barcode or QR code that can be scanned at your site by on the Xpress Pay Terminal®, portable scanners or a regular register position.
  • SmartCodes® support iPhone Passbook function, so offers can remind customers when they are near the car wash.




Improve productivity, accuracy and efficiency with CarPics®

The CarPics® Vehicle Manager displays pictures of each queued car on a color video screen at your conveyor entrance to increase production, reduce errors, improve controls and enhance your customer’s experience.

  • Ensures accuracy in loading the queue and allows for loader to make corrections quickly, if needed
  • Speeds up tunnel by notifying the loader ahead of time of any hand applied services purchased
  • Allows for productivity measures by monitoring and adjusting prep time during peak volume periods
  • Promote “rewash guarantees” by displaying picture of cars from their last visit
  • Enhance customer relationships by using the name display to personally greet customers
  • CarPics for Aftercare allows your interior team to see what interior services need to be done to each vehicle, and allows you to track the time it takes to complete those services.


Wash Code at Fuel Pump (WashCAP)

The Wash Code At Fuel Pump Interface module allows you to sell washes at your gas pumps and track, redeem, manage, and control those washes with SiteWatch. Or, you can use WashCAP to create a win-win opportunity with a service station that sells washes for your car wash from the fuel pumps at its site.

  • Each wash purchased has a unique, one-time use numeric code printed on the transaction receipt that can be used at any of your locations
  • Every transaction is secure, using VPN communication between gas pump and car wash sites
  • Only car wash data is transferred; other service station transaction data is not accessed
  • Sell washes at up to 6 different gas station locations per cash wash site.


Quickbooks® Interface

The QuickBook interface saves time and reduces errors by connecting SiteWatch with your general ledger and house accounts.

Quickly and simply transfer data site-to-site for effective sales management.

  • Import chart of accounts from QuickBooks into SiteWatch for single sites, multiple sites and multiple profit centers
  • Customized reporting uses Microsoft Excel® to provide income in dollars per car, income percentages based on profit centers and income percentages based on total revenue
  • Interfaces your house account information to accounts receivable

Quick Lube Pro

The Quick Lube Pro module allows you to easily manage your quick lube services through SiteWatch®

Run your multiple quick lube sites as an integrated enterprise.

  • Add and manage products and services for all locations
  • Reports customer history from all sites to all sites to indicate suggestive selling or service due opportunities
  • Simple touch screen and Windows-based setup make Quick Lube Pro easy to learn and use
  • Provides on-screen Chek-Chart® engine and chassis diagrams

Prepaid and Wash Book Control

Prepaid cards and Wash Books lock in customer loyalty, speed up transactions, improve cash flow and boost revenue.

Generate up-front revenue and build customer loyalty.

  • Cards and books are only activated when scanned the first time, controlling fraud and reducing paperwork
  • Flexible purchase options mean cards and books can be loaded with dollar values or number of washes and are renewable
  • Cards and books can be used at any of your locations and usage reports show where and when they are used
  • Included with SiteWatch 23


Xpress Card Clearing

Credit cards clear in less than two seconds to save time and encourage electronic payment, which results in higher ticket sale, greater customer satisfaction and fewer cash control issues.

Fast, error free credit card payment processing.

  • Faster approval times speed up your line and make customers happier
  • Direct integration with your SiteWatch cash register, eliminating double entry and mistakes
  • Customization options for signature requirements; accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club and Discover
  • Detailed transaction reporting available on-line, any time
  • Included with SiteWatch 23

Loyalty Promotion Module (LPM)

The Loyalty Promotion Module is designed to get customer back to your location, and get them back more often!

Flexible promotion options designed to generate return visits.

  • Choose the promotion model that best fits your customer base: license plate tracking, frequency discounts or even custom plans for your key customers
  • Loyalty Promotion links to the SiteWatch cash register for easy tracking of your program
  • Because of the module’s flexibility, you can adjust your loyalty promotions to combat seasonal changes in car wash volume or competition in the neighborhood
  • Included with SiteWatch 23


SiteWatch is a Powerful Point of Sale system

• Powerful Point of Sale / Cash Register Software
• Basic Inventory Management
• Prepaid card and wash book management*
• Xpress Card Clearing*
• Loyalty Program Management*
• StatWatch Remote Monitoring*
• SiteWatch Dedicated Server
• SiteWatch Reporting
• Uninterruptible Power Supply

Powerful Cash Register Software Features

• Windows-based Point of Service system supporting up to 64 stations per site.
• Detailed reporting on sales, labor, inventory, and house accounts. Reports can be run by profit center, the site, or the entire chain.
• Timeclock is available at any position and can track by department.
• Secure Remote monitoring for managers and owners.
• House account control can track multiple vehicles per account and generate monthly reports with detailed information.
• Inventory control using a barcode reader with capacity for up to 64 million items.
• Alerts & Bulletins provide instant feedback, either on-site or off, with key sales, labor, and warning information.
• Robust multi-site support functionality lets you transfer sales, labor and customer history data across your entire organization over the Internet using secure, encrypted methods.


What Next?

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