Xpress Pay Terminal®

Our Convenient Self-Pay Terminal that increases productivity, saves time and allows customers to control their own transactions.

Xpress Pay Terminal® works for exterior or full-service car wash tunnelsXPT 5 PLUS– wherever you want to allow the customer to self-pay

  • High Volume – Saves time for your busy customers and increases your productivity by processing up to 80 cars per hour. Up to 8 XPTs can be supported at a single site.
  • Flexibility – Works as a stand-alone unit at an Express Exterior or issues unique wash numbers for an express lane at a Full-Service.
  • Xpress Card Clearing® – Clears credit cards in less than 3 seconds. If the Internet connection goes down, the XPT will store credit card information and transmit it later.
  • Attractive Audio-Visual Interface – User-friendly, easy-to-follow, and available in English and Spanish. It can also be easily branded for your car wash.
  • Weather Resistant Reliability – Designed specifically for a car wash environment, the XPT stands up to the elements, and it’s backed by a 24/7 team of dedicated support professionals.
  • Heater and Solid State Memory Backup – For added reliability.
  • User-Friendly “Strike Zone” – Allows your customers to reach all functions to complete transactions without bending or stretching.

A Marketing Tool

  • Multiple Sites or Single Location – Replication Logic feature shares information between all XPTs and home office, allowing loyalty promotions and prepaid sales to be run at multiple sites without sacrificing control.
  • Prepaid Cards – Accepts prepaid cards loaded with wash units or cash value. In either case, there is never a transaction fee. Also, the XPT has a built-in gift card dispenser.
  • Prepaid Receipts – The XPT can load prepaid washes on receipts.
  • Built-in Barcode (Image) Reader – Allows you to accept discount coupon mailers and newspaper ads, barcode receipts at the XPT, as well as reading barcodes from a smartphone device. Supports a wide range of barcodes, including UPC-A, QR Code, UPC-E, EAN-8, 2of5, Code 39, Code 93 and Code 128.
  • WashCAP – Customers can buy washes at retail fuel pumps and use them at the XPT, even if the service station is owned by another business. Click here to read more about WashCAP.
  • Loyalty Marketing – The XPT supports club cards. Its screen can have a special menu with different prices for loyalty club members. Receipts can also show members how many washes they need to achieve an award or the expiration date for their club membership.
  • Intelligent Receipts – Special sales messages can be printed by the XPT’s built-in receipt printer. These receipts can be aimed at different customers based on the wash options they purchased, the date of their last visit or other factors.
  • Custom Decals and base Wraps – Completely brand your XPT with customizable decals and base wraps to match your logo.  Impress your customers with this attractive way to design your XPT. See sample designs.


  • House Accounts – Issue FastPass® tags or barcode cards to house accounts, and bill them later. You can also sell monthly passes to house accounts that are renewed automatically via credit card billing.
  • Detailed Reports – The XPT runs on the SiteWatch® system, so informative reports can be run for each individual unit.
  • Alerts & Bulletins – Provide real-time data about each XPT to any internet connected device, including cell phones and laptops. This feature can alert you automatically about potential problems.

XPT, A Key Component to the GrowthSuite™

Working in conjunction with Automatic Recharge Module (ARM) and FastPass, the XPT is the self-pay terminal that creates a rewarding and superior customer experience.  When your customer is an active member of your monthly wash plan with a FastPass tag on their windshield and pulls up to the XPT, the transaction processing time at the XPT is instantaneous, thus creating an effortless role for your customer. The instant the FastPass tag is read, the transaction is complete, the gate goes up, the customer is through the gate and on their way to the tunnel.  It is a seamless transaction process. The transaction time using the GrowthSuite products is the fastest method of processing vehicles at your site.

The XPT is also capable of selling new members into your monthly wash plan.  This versatile tool processes all transactions quickly and easily for all of your customers.

Contact us for more information or give us a call at 1-800-336-6338. Or visit the Xpress Pay Terminal FAQ page.