Outdoor Touch Terminal

Conquering The Great Outdoors

This terminal is no fair-weather friend. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, this rugged touchscreen delivers the reliability you need when used at or near your tunnel entrance, or at staff positions exposed to the elements.

Outdoor Touch Terminal Front

Life isn’t easy for an Outdoor Touch Terminal at a car wash entrance or in the greeter lane; wind, sun, rain, and dust all see to that. Then, there’s spray-back water and moisture from the car wash itself — that can really get under your skin! But, the new Outdoor Touch Terminal, encased in powder coated aluminum, is tough enough to handle just about anything that even the harshest outdoor car wash environment can dish out.

  • All-in-one unit that includes a friendly and intuitive touch screen for your staff. The colors, text and items sold on the “buttons” are customizable by you.
  • Information about the sale, customer, and more is at your staff’s fingertips, allowing them to increase sales and better service your customers.
  • Works in conjunction with all other SiteWatch® Terminals and can be used as a TunnelWatch® tunnel entrance terminal.
  • You can use the versatile Outdoor Touch Terminal with a wide range of SiteWatch peripherals, including a receipt printer, magnetic card reader (2-second clearing), barcode scanner, and FastPass®
  • Compact size: 14.4” width, 11.3” height, 2.8” depth.

Other features that make this tough terminal ideal for outdoor use include:

  • Aluminum body and stainless steel enclosure.
  • IP65 rated sealing for outdoor use.
  • Operating temperature and range 14º F to 140º F (-10º C to 60º C).
  • A bright 15” TFT LCD with LED backlight.
  • Solid state drive storage.

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