Quick Lube Pro™

Run your multiple quick lube operations as an interconnected enterprise.

Do you own multiple quick lube operations? Looking to run them as an interconnected enterprise and not a collection of individual sites? SiteWatch® with Quick Lube Pro is the product for you.

Quick Lube Pro is designed to allow you to easily manage your chain of quick lubes.

Set up a new item and have it automatically take effect at locations. Know that your customers’ detailed visit history quickly transfers between all your sites. Or even see all key information for your sites on a single screen. These features permit you to run your enterprise with a minimum of administrative overhead, but much more efficiently and with better customer service.

Another important benefit of Quick Lube Pro is its focus on helping you market your business better. Our Suggestive Selling and Intelligent Receipt Messaging features will automatically prompt your staff and customers when they are due for additional services, making for a higher ticket. By seeing the detailed customer history between all sites (including notes), SiteWatch arms your staff with the info they need to educate the customer about the services they might need during the current visit.

Other key features include:

  • Key stats are displayed on the screen throughout the day, informing your staff on their performance. We’ve found that providing this information to your staff on a persistent screen can make a big difference in improving the day’s results.
  • By making SiteWatch run on a touch screen and Windows-based, the product is easier for your staff to learn and use.
  • On-screen Chek-Chart® engine and chassis diagrams.
  • Attractive forms printed from blank paper. You can design the colors and graphics used.

What’s Next?

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