With Smart Exit, NoPileups protection extends beyond the end of the conveyor, monitoring 10-15 feet beyond traditional tunnel exit collision avoidance systems. Smart Exit detects when vehicles stopped at the end of the conveyor create a collision threat, automatically stopping the conveyor to prevent the

collision and restarting it when the situation clears. Relying on NoPileups’ computer vision rather than loops or photo eye sensors, it prevents the false positives that often plague other systems. This reduces downtime, giving you back precious wash time.

Smart Exit is perfect for:

  • Tunnels with a tight egress onto a busy road
  • Belt conveyors
  • High tunnel volume
  • Full-service tunnels where cars are waiting for aftercare services


For existing NoPileups customers, Smart Exit is included in your subscription. Please contact support@nopileups.com to get the feature activated.