The Numbers Guy Looks at Credit Card Usage

“I never paid with a credit card at Brad’s before. But now I charge my wash every visit!”

This customer always liked going to Brad’s and she always appreciated the convenience of credit cards, so why has she never charged her wash purchases before? Well for one thing, she never felt quite comfortable losing sight of her credit card when Brad’s greeter disappeared with it to clear her transaction. Plus, paying by credit card at the car wash used to take too long to fit her busy schedule.

That’s all changed now that Brad installed the SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT®). Today this customer just pulls up to the XPT, inserts her credit card, and her transaction is cleared in less than 2 seconds – just like that! Thanks to the XPT she feels more secure charging her washes, because her credit card never leaves her possession. And of course she likes the fact that the XPT’s Xpress Card Clearing saves her valuable time.

As for Brad, he’s happy that this customer and many others like her are now paying for their washes with credit cards. The increase in credit card usage has driven up Brad’s average ticket, since customers tend to spend more when they charge purchases. By encouraging customers to pay with credit cards, the XPT has also tightened Brad’s level of control by minimizing cash handling issues.

For Brad and his customers, credit card clearing at the XPT has been a win-win. They get to enjoy the convenience of charging washes, while he experiences increased revenues and quicker transactions. Learn how DRB Tunnel Solutions can help bring these benefits to you and your customers.

Harold Guthrie

Harold Guthrie, denizen of the digital world, is DRB's Numbers Guy. A graduate of the University of Akron with a degree in mathematics, Harold toiled for IBM before he came to our company in 1994. A consummate numbers guy, he has conducted numerous engineering studies on a wide variety of SiteWatch products. When it comes to figuring out the meaning of figures, Harold is clearly our number one choice. Connect with Harold on LinkedIn.

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