About DRB Tunnel Solutions

For over a third of a century, DRB® supported – and often drove – an era of unprecedented growth in the car wash industry with point-of-sale and wash optimization software, hardware and services. Now as a masterbrand that includes DRB Tunnel Solutions (formerly DRB Systems), DRB In-Bay Solutions (formerly Unitec®), Suds Creative and Sage Microsystems, that tradition continues. The DRB team works together toward a singular goal: To help car wash and quick lube operators squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their investments.

For the conveyorized car wash segment, DRB Tunnel Solutions fulfills that promise with:

car wash data insightsData insights and solutions that predictably drive throughput and revenue

Established in 1984, we power more of the top 50 conveyorized car wash chains than any other technology provider. This gives us an unrivaled ability to leverage data insights for car wash growth. During the pandemic shutdowns, we shared aggregated data through the Data Bytes video series and other content to guide the industry through recovery. Through our advanced technology, our customers can access their own data to make confident business decisions. And when they engage our partner Suds Creative to apply consumer behavior insights and predictive analysis to that data, operators can discover uncharted paths to growth.

Reliable, intuitive software and hardware innovations

Our innovations are constantly pushing car washes and the industry as a whole forward. From our SiteWatch® point-of-sale system that processes 1 million cars a day to the technology that has helped commercialize and advance unlimited wash plans, we’re always looking ahead. Next, we will take the car wash industry into the future with our new platform, Patheon. Using ongoing UX/UI studies to inform its design and architecture, we will ensure Patheon is the most intuitive system on the market, enabling operators to unlock insights, influence actions, elevate the user experience and optimize their businesses.

drb supportBest-in-class support team that is passionate about keeping car washes running

Our commitment to the car wash industry is evident in every interaction operators have with our staff, from our long-tenured sales experts through our installation team and after-installation support and beyond. Our Humble, Hungry and Smart culture means we work together to go the extra mile for our customers, we take responsibility for our mistakes while always striving for improvement, and we always treat our customers how we want to be treated. We are here 24/7/365 for emergency support calls and always prioritize down site calls.

Our Brands

drb in-bay solutions


Formerly known as Unitec, DRB In-Bay Solutions has been providing innovative services and technology to the unattended and C-Store car wash market since 1983.


Suds Creative is a data-driven, consumer behavior company dedicated to optimizing revenue for car washers across the United States.


Sage Microsystems is a leading provider of point-of-sale and business management solutions to the quick lube and light repair industry.


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