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Exterior Car Washing
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TunnelWatch 4
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Words and Deeds

April 2015

Customers may always be right, but blindly listening to them can quickly lead to shrinking sales as companies from McDonald's to Walmart have learned. Understanding what customers want requires observing their actions, not just hearing their words. Learn what this means for your car wash.

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Numbers Guy

What Is the Risk of Local Approval Mode?

When your Internet connection is down, Local Approval Mode lets you keep taking credit cards. How many are later rejected?

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Product in the Spotlight

Vehicle Profile Detection™

Using sonar to profile vehicles to the inch, Vehicle Profile Detection saves energy and chemicals as well as delivers a better service by automatically and precisely detecting and adjusting for pickup truck beds.

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Featured Owner

Bob Yund

Yund's Busy Bee Carwash

Challenge: To use pay stations at a 25 year old full service car wash. Busy Bee Car Wash owner, Bob Yund, has the solution.

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Cool Things I've Seen

Rich Hays

There are a lot of cool ideas floating around about marketing with social media, but what's really cool is when someone actually puts some of those new concepts into practice in our car wash industry.

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Video of the Week


Press Release

William Morgenstern Appointed New President of DRB Systems. Dale Brott to Serve on the Board of Directors/Strategic Advisor.

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