Harvey Miller
Harvey Miller


Look Who's Talking

April 2014

All word of mouth advertising is not created equal. Car washes that sell monthly passes are in a unique position to supercharge their WOM with brand ambassadors for their sites.

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Numbers Guy

How Likely Are Customers to Rejoin?

A small percentage of monthly pass customers are lost each month. But when someone involuntarily gets kicked out of a monthly pass program, how likely are they to rejoin?

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Product in the Spotlight

Vehicle Profile Detection™

Using sonar to profile vehicles to the inch, Vehicle Profile Detection saves energy and chemicals as well as delivers a better service by automatically and precisely detecting and adjusting for pickup truck beds.

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Featured Owner

Terrance Elder

Triple Play Car Wash

Challenge: How to create higher tickets at your self pay station. Triple Play Car Wash owner, Terrance Elder, has the solution.

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Cool Things I've Seen

Rich Hays

There are a lot of cool ideas floating around about marketing with social media, but what's really cool is when someone actually puts some of those new concepts into practice in our car wash industry.

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