Comeback Car Wash
Comeback Car Wash
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Growth Recipe
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Customers Are People Too

February 2015

At a time when a growing number of Americans are feeling cut off from the big institutions around them, personalizing your marketing message can resonate with customers and increase their loyalty. Companies like Coca-Cola, and Kroger have demonstrated this in convincing fashion recently. What can your car wash learn from their experience?

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Numbers Guy

Why Convert Your Best Customers?

When introducing a monthly pass program, your best customers will join and spend less. Here’s why that is not such a bad thing.

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Product in the Spotlight

Vehicle Profile Detection™

Using sonar to profile vehicles to the inch, Vehicle Profile Detection saves energy and chemicals as well as delivers a better service by automatically and precisely detecting and adjusting for pickup truck beds.

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Featured Owner

Bob Yund

Yund's Busy Bee Carwash

Challenge: To use pay stations at a 25 year old full service car wash. Busy Bee Car Wash owner, Bob Yund, has the solution.

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Cool Things I've Seen

Brandon Jordan

The idea of awarding an 8th wash free to VIP customers is nothing new, but this exterior site has used some high-tech tools to give this time-honored promotion a new spin.

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