XPT® Full Service FAQ

XPT full service FAQsI thought the SiteWatch® XPT was just for exterior and flex serve washes. How is it that my full-serve customers can use the XPT?

The self-pay terminal started with exterior washes, but it soon became apparent that the XPT, because of its power and flexibility, could make self-pay a reality for full-service car washes too. The XPT can work as an express lane in a full-service wash, issuing unique wash code receipts to customers that they turn in to tunnel entrance employees. The employees use the numeric code on these receipts to call up the wash at the tunnel entrance.

Can you explain how the transaction process works when full-service customers pay at the XPT?

It’s very simple. Your full-service customer pulls up to the XPT and selects a wash. If the customer has a coupon or club card, it can be scanned into the XPT’s built-in barcode reader.

After making the wash selection and scanning in any coupons, the customer inserts payment into the machine. (This payment can be cash, credit card, or a prepaid card/ticket book) The XPT then issues a wash ticket, which the customer turns over to your employee.

Why would a full-service car wash want to use a self-pay terminal like the XPT?

The XPT brings many of the same speed and convenience benefits to the full-service that it does to the exterior car wash, but the main advantages of using an XPT at your full-service site is that it tightens control by eliminating employee cash handling at your car wash. It can also lower your labor costs by allowing you to eliminate the cashier position if you choose.

How does the XPT eliminate employee cash handling?

Since customers pay directly into the XPT, employees at your wash do not have any access to cash. The only person who physically touches the cash is either you or the manager you designate to have access to the XPT. Unless you have a busy gift shop or other retail center, you no longer need a cashier at your wash because all transactions are taking place at the XPT. If you do have a gift shop, you can limit your cashier’s register only to that profit center, while all car wash receipts go directly to the XPT. This will tighten your control by limiting your cashier’s access to cash.

That sounds good from a control standpoint, but will my dollars per vehicle decline if I don’t have greeters selling extras to my customers?

There are a number of ways to look at this issue. The first thing to keep in mind is that you can still have greeters at your wash, and they can talk to customers about specials, new services and other topics, but they won’t be handling cash. The second point is that some customers prefer not having to deal with a salesperson. They feel less pressured and more in control of a transaction when they’re at a self-pay terminal. Some studies suggest that this level of comfort actually puts customers in a better frame of mind, making them less defensive, putting them in a mood to buy more. Plus, unlike an employee, the XPT is never sick, late, or in the middle of a bad hair day – it delivers a consistent professional message to your customers.

So the XPT delivers sales messages more effectively than greeters?

That’s impossible to say in all cases since not all greeters are the same. However, the XPT is consistent, always delivering the same clear, professional message to your customers. Of course, you can change your sales message on the XPT whenever you wish, but these changes are the result of a strategic marketing decision on your part, not because of uneven performance, which can be the case with greeters.

When does the customer turn over the wash ticket to my employee?

That depends on the format of your full-service wash. You can have your customers surrender their wash tickets at the tunnel conveyor entrance if you prep cars before they enter your tunnel, or the exit area if you detail and vacuum cars after they exit the tunnel. These are just two examples; the XPT has the flexibility to handle any full-service format.

I’m a high-volume wash — how many vehicles can an XPT handle?

We have XPTs in the field that handle over 70 vehicles an hour. This is from a single machine. You can have multiple XPTs at a site and handle even a higher volume.

If I have multiple self-pay lanes, how can I be sure which customer ordered which wash—what if cars get out of order between the XPT and my tunnel entrance?

You don’t have to be concerned about queuing cars at a full-service site because the XPT issues each customer a distinct wash code on the receipt. This code includes the exact wash option purchased by the customer, so everyone always gets what they purchased, even if they get out of line.

What about credit cards, prepaid cards and prepaid wash books, can customers pay for a wash with them at the XPT?

Absolutely — the XPT can complete these transactions just as quickly and easily as it can cash transactions. Credit cards are cleared in two seconds with our Xpress Card Clearing® System. There’s also no transaction fee on prepaid card sales with the XPT. By the way, if your customer pays with a prepaid ticket, the XPT will invalidate that ticket once the wash is purchased, so it can’t be used again.

I’ve been thinking about selling monthly passes at my full-service with the SiteWatch Automatic Recharge Module (ARM), will my pass customers be able to use the XPT?

Yes – your pass customers can scan a card at the XPT’s built-in barcode reader, or you can use the SiteWatch FastPass Wireless Recognition System to read windshield tags on their cars. In either case, the XPT can issue pass customers receipts that allow them to claim their wash.

Can I still use the discount mailers and club cards that I’ve been using to market my full-service wash, or will I have to give them up if I use the XPT?

The XPT’s built in bar-code reader will process coupons and club cards, so you can continue to run the same promotions that have always worked for your car wash.

I like the idea of limiting cash handling by my employees, but what if the XPT needs more change, and I’m not there – won’t that force me to give an employee access to the cash?

The XPT has separate locked cash boxes for the cash taken in through sales and the cash used to make change. You can give an employee access to the change box, but not the cash receipts box. This drastically reduces the amount of cash available to an employee.

Can I use the XPT at my full serve wash for my exterior only lane?

Yes. In fact, many of our full-service customers are using the XPT in this fashion already.