Xpress Pay Terminal® FAQ

XPT 5 plus closeupWhat is the Xpress Pay Terminal®?

The XPT® is a self-pay station that allows customers to select and pay for their washes without getting out of their cars or interacting with a car wash employee. The customer controls the entire transaction at the XPT, selecting a wash from the touchscreen, scanning coupons or club cards to have any applicable discounts applied, and paying directly at the unit.

Can the XPT be used at any car wash – exterior or full-service?

Yes, as long as your car wash has the SiteWatch® point-of-sale system, you can use the XPT. If you have an exterior wash, the XPT can be used as a stand-alone self-pay station. The XPT can also work as an express lane in a full-service wash, issuing unique wash code receipts to customers that they turn in to tunnel entrance employees. The employees use the numeric code on these receipts to call up the wash at the tunnel entrance.

How do customers pay for their washes at the XPT?

Customers can pay with cash, credit cards (which are cleared in less than two seconds) and prepaid cards. Another payment option you can offer customers is to have them use the SiteWatch FastPass® Wireless Acceptance System.

How does FastPass work?

Customers place a small FastPass vehicle tag on their windshields. Later, when they pull up to the XPT, FastPass automatically activates the tag using radio signals. This calls up the customer’s file and authorizes the wash. FastPass is an ultra-fast way of completing transactions; customers don’t even have to roll down their windows when they pull up to the XPT. FastPass simply reads their tags and authorizes the transaction without requiring any action on the customer’s part.

If FastPass customers do not “roll down their windows” how do they pay for their washes?

There are a number of ways customers pay for FastPass washes. They can prepay, just as they would with a prepaid card; they can be billed every month (typically an option only for fleet customers); or they can go on a monthly pass plan and have their credit cards recharged automatically every month by the SiteWatch Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®).

When a car pulls up to the tunnel entrance from the XPT, how do I know which wash the customer purchased?

The XPT is part of SiteWatch. When a customer purchases a wash at the XPT, this information is entered into SiteWatch, just as it would be from any other SiteWatch terminal. This information is transmitted to the tunnel controller, so the customer receives the exact wash that was purchased at the XPT, nothing more or less.

Yes, but how do I keep customers’ cars in order, so they enter the tunnel in the same order in which they purchased their washes?

The XPT has a queuing feature that doesn’t allow a car to leave the self-pay station until the vehicle that purchased a wash before it has left the area and gone on toward the tunnel. The XPT does this by keeping the gate down at a vehicle’s station until the vehicle in front of it has left. This ensures that your customers enter the tunnel in the same order that they purchased their washes.

Do I have to use gates with my XPT?

No, the XPT works with or without gates. Customers can be given numeric wash codes on their XPT receipts to ensure that they receive the exact wash they purchased.

How many XPTs can I have at my car wash?

Each site can support up to eight XPTs. Since these units are all part of your SiteWatch system, they all share the same information on customer histories, loyalty promotions and prepaid cards. So, if a customer uses a prepaid card at one of your XPTs, this will be reflected at your other units.

Can my customers redeem prepaid cards at the XPT at more than one car wash?

Yes. The Multi-Site Replication feature in SiteWatch ensures that information is shared in near-real time between your home office and the XPTs (as well as other SiteWatch terminals) at all of your sites. This ensures that all of your terminals always have up to the minute information. So you can run prepaid programs, loyalty clubs and other promotions at all of your sites without sacrificing control.

Speaking of loyalty clubs, can I offer my VIP members special prices on the XPT?

Yes. The XPT screen can show a special menu for members when they swipe their loyalty card or are identified by a FastPass tag.

Can I sell washes at my fuel pumps and have them redeemed at the XPT?

You sure can. Our SiteWatch WashCAP feature allows customers to buy car washes at the pump and redeem them at your XPT. There’s even a Remote WashCAP option that lets you enter into arrangements with other business people to sell washes from their retail fuel pumps. In either case, Remote WashCAP issues receipts with numeric codes that customers then use to get a wash at your XPT. After a receipt’s numeric code is used once, it becomes invalid, so customers can’t use it for another wash.

What advantages does the XPT offer me as a car wash operator?

As a self-pay station, the XPT helps you manage labor costs more efficiently by making your greeter positions more productive. The XPT will also save time for your customers by allowing them to complete transactions in less time. This, in turn, will increase productivity and reduce time waiting in line at your car wash. If you have a full-service wash, the XPT will help you expand your market by allowing you to reach exterior customers, and extend your operating hours. For example, you can keep your XPT lane open during off-times when there may not always be enough traffic to justify staffing an attended lane.

The XPT will be out in my lot even when I’m closed, so what are its security features?

The XPT was designed by experts with extensive experience in building outdoor cash accepting equipment. The XPT offers a variety of security features, like multiple locking points inside and outside the unit, an ultra-tight (3″ x 1.5″) bill validator opening to protect against theft, a built-in alarm and camera, and break-in resistant glass on the screen. The unit is anchored by multiple steel tubes in concrete, plus it also has a stainless steel plate enclosure, seam-welded bill chute, as well as other security features.