Are you considering adding unlimited plans to your full-serve or exterior wash or possibly changing your model from full-serve to express exterior altogether? We can help you with our Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®), which automatically charges plan members monthly to renew their memberships.

We’ve got some compelling data from a sample of our ARM customers that show how your wash can achieve the following benefits.

Increase Volume

On average, express exterior sites with unlimited plans draw 129% more cars per week than those without. Full-serve sites offering unlimited plans generate 51% higher weekly volume than those that don’t.

Increase Revenue

On average, express exterior sites with unlimited plans generate 111% more weekly revenue than those without. At full-serve sites, those with unlimited wash plans earn 33% more revenue.

impact of unlimited wash plans on car wash revenue pre-pandemic

Insulate Business From Uncontrollable Circumstances

When bad weather or other circumstances keep customers from washing their cars, unlimited wash plans provide a consistent stream of income. You’ll notice during the pandemic, the gap between volume and revenue between sites with unlimited plans and those without is much more pronounced than before the pandemic.

Reduce Labor Costs

Unlimited plan members need less assistance, so you can reduce or make better use of your staff. If you are using unlimited plans to drive your conversion from full-serve to express exterior, the impact is even more significant.

Go Contactless

Getting an exterior car wash requires zero interaction with a pay station or employee, which is important as customers are more conscious of hygiene and health in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.