Support FAQ

What are my support fees after the first year?

The average SiteWatch® support fee for a Full Serve Car Wash is $3,500 and for an Express Car Wash is $5,000 per year. Support fees include base SiteWatch support and individually priced modules. This pricing structure allows us to tailor our support fees to each of our customers.

What is included in support? What value do I get for my money?

Our 100+ team members in the Knowledge Center are dedicated to your technical and system needs. We are here to assure that you receive the maximum value from your SiteWatch system. Our trained technicians provide answers to your questions and diagnose and resolve your technical issues. Phone support grants peace of mind through 24-hour emergency support. We help ensure that you are able to wash cars through our loaner and swap equipment program.

What is an emergency?

Emergency situations are defined as circumstances inhibiting you from washing or servicing cars, processing credit cards or replicating data. We welcome all phone calls during weekday support hours of 8:30 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. We also have qualified technicians available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies outside of our normal weekday support hours.

Will you come to our site if we require your help?

As an Ohio company with a nationwide customer base, we have designed our support and service to be handled through telephone calls, remote connectivity and high-speed shipment of parts and equipment. Experience has demonstrated that we are able to resolve 99.9% or more of all customer calls over the phone.


Why does SiteWatch support cost more than CarWatch support?

The basic support fee for SiteWatch is slightly more than for CarWatch, but overall support fees are site-specific, based on the number of modules supported. SiteWatch is a highly-configurable and robust system with many more complex features and modules than CarWatch.

Why do I need support? Does that mean that SiteWatch is more complex?

Your SiteWatch point of sale system is one of the most integral and complex pieces of equipment in your car wash. Deciding on support needs after the first year is your decision. Think of SiteWatch as the brain that makes your business run efficiently. Support is like having a group of highly-skilled technicians working for you, always there when you need them. Our support team is here for you, not only when you come across a problem, but for more positive situations. They will help you configure your site’s workflow to increase your volume, improve your revenue per car, lower operating costs, and to assure the high performance of your car wash. The Knowledge Center exists to help our customers be successful and profitable.

Do you offer pay-by-the-hour support?

We offer different support options, but pay-by-the-hour is not one of them. In order to provide our customers with the quality of support expected, we have qualified technicians ready and available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to provide adequate staff to serve our customers at all times and gives a more economical option than pay-by-the-hour.