Quick Lube

Point-of-Sale System for the Quick Lube Industry

quick lube

Quick Lube Pro helps you manage and market your services more effectively, whether it’s a stand-alone shop or part of a multi-profit center car wash. Here are just some of the ways that this user-friendly SiteWatch® product will help you maximize quick lube profits:

  • Provides quick and current Chek-Chart data, including engine and chassis diagrams, which can be viewed on screen or in print form
  • Prints work orders and receipts in color from white paper, so there’s no need to stock pre-printed forms
  • Manages cross promotions and discounts between the quick lube and car wash
  • Prints and tracks mailers to customers
  • Creates customized workflow and prompt employees with suggested selling messages
  • Tracks basic inventory
  • Serves as a timeclock
  • Shares key visit history between sites for multi-site operations
  • Supports up to 64 bay stations per site

DRB Products For The Quick Lube

SiteWatch Quick Lube Pro – Part of our SiteWatch System, this POS cash register serves as a complete management and marketing tool, tracking sales, labor and inventory. It can also be used to run loyalty promotions, mail campaigns and cross-market the car wash and quick lube. Other features include complete Chek-Chart and receipt/work order printing capabilities.

Xpress Card Clearing® – Save your customers time by clearing credit card transactions in less than 3 seconds with this SiteWatch option.

Multi-Site Replication – SiteWatch allows data to be transferred between all sites and the home office in a multi-site operation without sacrificing control.

Alerts & Bulletins – Stay in touch from anywhere in the world using any internet-connected device and this SiteWatch option. SiteWatch will email sales stats, labor information and key error conditions to your phone or computer

What Next?

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