The threat of tunnel collisions is a constant headache for car wash operators. And it’s only getting worse with the growth of unlimited car wash plans that put more cars in the tunnel and auto-braking technology that can more easily cause cars to jump the rollers. Band-aid solutions such as slowing down rollers and increasing space between vehicles prove to be insufficient and result in lower production rates.

NoPileups combines revolutionary technology with a dedicated support team to decrease tunnel pileups and increase car wash efficiency. The system uses computer vision and machine learning to monitor your tunnel and stop the conveyor when collision threats are detected. Unlike other anti-collision equipment that only covers the exit, NoPileups protects cars across the entire length of the tunnel.

Wash More. Worry Less.

NoPileups removes the worry, not just for you, but for your loaders as well. This increases staff satisfaction and retention, helping you build a stronger, more confident workforce.

Moreover, it’s yet another tool in the DRB arsenal to help you move cars more efficiently through your tunnel, increasing your production rates. You’ll reduce, if not eliminate, the number of accidents holding up your queue. And with NoPileups as a safety net, your crew can feel more confident about increasing roller speed and reducing gaps in between cars.

NoPileups Benefits

Competitive Edge

NoPileups can truly transform your car wash. Consider what it did for these customers:

Overall, it’s a no-brainer. I think this service will be the industry standard moving forward. Jim Mulholland, Owner of Busy Bee Car Wash

In our business, speed is of the essence for us. Every second we can shave off makes us better than the guy down the street. NoPileups is a huge competitive edge. The people who have NoPileups have the ability to wash more cars more safely than the guy down the street. Bill Martin, CEO at Metro Express
Learn more about how NoPileups helped Metro Express provide employees peace of mind and develop that competitive edge:

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The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Technology Backed by the Human Touch

Every time the system detects an issue, our Knowledge Center gets the same alert you do. We review the camera footage taken before and after every stop and use it to perfectly calibrate NoPileups for your tunnel.

We pride ourselves in getting to know your operation inside and out. If we notice an equipment malfunction or mechanical problem on our end, even if it has nothing to do with NoPileups directly, we can get you on the phone to clue you in.

Our full-tunnel collision prevention isn’t just a service — it’s the newest member of your team, and it always shows up on time. From open to close, NoPileups is ready to get the job done.

NoPileups In Action

The best way to truly understand the magic behind NoPileups is to see it in action. Watch this demo for more information on how NoPileups can help you “Wash More. Worry Less.”