SiteWatch® Web

Is your car wash making money? Are your wash plans priced properly? Is your plan membership growing?

Get answers to these questions and more with SiteWatch Web. This web-based reporting engine gives SiteWatch users greater insight into their businesses with:
sitewatch web dashboard

  • A real-time dashboard that shows:
    • Total current cars
    • Cars per hour for the day
    • Number of wash plans sold and lost for the day
    • Sales by profit center
    • Number of employees working
    • Current weather
  • Powerful sorting and filtering options, including custom date ranges
  • Report exports (Excel, CSV, or PDF) to allow further analysis and customization
  • Intuitive links for a deeper dive into the data

SiteWatch Web gives you online access to all your favorite SiteWatch reports, plus new reports created specifically for the online platform.

  • General Sales Report — Access this critical SiteWatch report remotely and export it
  • ARM Analysis Report (Pass Plans) — View membership levels and usage to make informed decisions about plan structure and pricing
  • Cross-site Pass Plan and Prepaid Reports — See where plans and prepaids were purchased vs where they were used
  • Prepaid Reports -– Analyze prepaid sales and view remaining and expired balances
  • Member Usage -– Determine how often members use plans in aggregate and by individual customer
  • Sale Viewer -– Pull all the information on an individual sale or sales in a specific date range
  • Employee Editor – Edit employee information remotely

SiteWatch Web is available to customers with SiteWatch version 23 and above.