Xpress Card Clearing

Clears credit cards in less than two seconds

Clears credit cards in less than two seconds to save time and encourage electronic payment, which results in higher ticket sales, greater customer satisfaction and fewer cash control issues.

Xpress Card Clearing with SiteWatch® makes for a fast, error-free way to accept what has fast become the preferred method of payment for most consumers.

  • Handles MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Discover.
  • Integrates with your SiteWatch cash register, eliminating double-entry and mistakes.

Fast Approval Times to Speed Up Your Line and Make Customers Happier

  • Approval times in less than 2 seconds compared to 10-15 seconds for a standard dial-up connection.
  • Signature requirements can be turned off for lower transaction amounts as configured by you.
  • No more double entry, which will speed up your cashier and your customer’s experience.

Good Reporting and Back Up Features

  • Detail transaction reporting is available over the web and available at any time.
  • In “local” mode, if your connection has problems, SiteWatch Xpress Card Clearing will “queue” the sale transactions for later processing but continue to approve cards.
  • Manager can override voice approval requirement if so desired.