Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™

Small Enough for Anyone… Tough Enough for any Car Wash

The Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™ (TTT™)  is an all-weather, compact touchscreen sales terminal for car washes that takes portability to a whole new level.

DRB Tablet Touchscreen Terminal in action

A Car Wash Point-of-Sale Terminal

  • Increases productivity by allowing you to enter transactions directly into your DRB® POS system without leaving the customer’s vehicle
  • Clears credit cards in less than two seconds using Xpress Card Clearing®
  • Integrated barcode reader scans barcoded coupons and windshield tags for prepaid and monthly pass sales

A Sales and Marketing Tool

  • Improve Sales and Customer Service: Information about the sale, the customer and more is at your staff ’s fingertips.
  • Create a Positive Impression: Show customers your menu digitally on the full-color screen of the TTT™.
  • Promote Specials: The digital messaging on the TTT™ screen can be changed quickly and easily, making it simple for you to promote short-term specials. For example, you can use the screen to market discounts on upgrades to boost ticket average on slow, questionable weather days.
  • Seasonal Themes: It’s also simple to add menus with seasonal themes for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day to your TTT™ menu display.
  • Build your Digital Marketing Lists: The on-screen keypad makes it simple to enter customer email addresses and phone numbers so you can add them to your opt-in lists.


DRB Tablet Touchscreen terminal

  • Intuitive touchscreen with included stylus. The colors, text and items sold on the “buttons” are customizable by you.
  • Bright 8” display screen with LED backlighting and anti-reflective screen treatment for easy viewing.
  • Integrated magnetic stripe reader for reading magnetic stripe cards (both financial and non-financial) securely
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology for connecting supported peripherals (Receipt printer and EMV Reader) for a seamless, wireless point-of-sale solution
  • Integrated barcode scanner to read barcoded coupons, prepaids and unlimited monthly passes
  • 8MP integrated rear-facing camera for taking pictures of vehicles for CarPics®
  • Water resistant with IP65 certified, sealed all-weather fanless design and solid-state drive
  • Raised bezel and ruggedized corners for LCD impact protection
  • Shock resistant (5’ drop)
  • Weighs only 2.06 lbs. (with scanner) and measures under 10” x 6”
  • Long-lasting battery that lasts up to 14 hours at full charge
  • Back hand strap for comfortable handling

SiteWatch 26.3 or later is required for the TTT™.

Put the Power of Mobile Selling to Work at your Car Wash!

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