Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™

Small Enough for Anyone… Tough Enough for any Car Wash

An All-Weather Compact Touchscreen Sales Terminal for Car Washes that takes Portability to a Whole New Level

Complete transactions at the customer’s vehicle with the SiteWatch® Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™. This will result in faster service and less waiting in line for your customers. It will also make your employee’s job easier, improving morale and reducing turnover.

Tablet Touchscreen Terminal


  • Water resistant with IP65 certified, sealed all-weather fanless design and solid state drive
  • Shock resistant (5’ drop)
  • Raised bezel for LCD impact protection


  • Weighs only 1.4 lbs. (with scanner)
  • Measures under 8” x 5.2” – not much larger than some smartphones


  • All-in-one unit that includes a friendly and intuitive touch screen for your cashier. The colors, text and items sold on the “buttons” are customizable by you.
  • Information about the sale, customer, and more is at your staff’s fingertips, allowing them to increase sales and better service your customers at your customers’ vehicles.
  • Bright 7” display screen with LED backlighting
  • Anti-reflective screen treatment for easy viewing


  • Enters transactions directly into the SiteWatch POS system
  • Credit cards clear in less than two seconds using the integrated reader to keep your line moving quickly.
  • Using the integrated barcode scanner lets you quickly scan coupons, tickets, gift cards, club cards, unlimited pass stickers, and more.
  • Standard 8-hour battery life with 16-hour option

Put the Power of Mobile Selling to Work at your Car Wash!

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