Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™

Small Enough for Anyone… Tough Enough for any Car Wash

The Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™ is an all-weather, compact touchscreen sales terminal for car washes that takes portability to a whole new level.

Complete transactions at the customer’s vehicle with the SiteWatch® Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™. This will result in faster service and less waiting in line for your customers. It will also make your employee’s job easier, improving morale and reducing turnover.

DRB Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™


  • Water resistant with IP65 certified, sealed all-weather fanless design and solid-state drive
  • Shock resistant (5’ drop)
  • Raised bezel for LCD impact protection


  • Weighs only 1.4 lbs. (with scanner)
  • Measures under 8” x 5.2” – not much larger than some smartphones


  • All-in-one unit that includes a friendly and intuitive touch screen for your cashier. The colors, text and items sold on the “buttons” are customizable by you.
  • Information about the sale, customer, and more is at your staff’s fingertips, allowing them to increase sales and better serve your customers at your customers’ vehicles.
  • Bright 7” display screen with LED backlighting
  • Anti-reflective screen treatment for easy viewing


  • Enters transactions directly into the SiteWatch POS system
  • Credit cards clear in less than two seconds using the integrated reader to keep your line moving quickly.
  • Using the integrated barcode scanner lets you quickly scan coupons, tickets, gift cards, club cards, unlimited pass stickers, and more.
  • Standard 8-hour battery life with 16-hour option

Put the Power of Mobile Selling to Work at your Car Wash!

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