Your Key to Mobile and Email Marketing

Every day across the country, millions of consumers are relying on their smartphones and email inboxes to receive special offers from their favorite retailers. Now you can reach these consumers with the help of SmartCodes, a user-friendly tool that makes it simple to create your own barcodes and QR codes for your mobile and email marketing.

A Versatile Tool

SmartCodes does not distribute text marketing messages and “email blasts.” What it does do, however, is make it fast and easy for you to create the barcodes and QR codes used in this marketing material that you can send to customers using the digital marketing/advertising service of your choice.

The codes you create with SmartCodes can be linked to in marketing text messages sent to customers’ smartphones or to email offers sent to their inboxes.

Customers can open your email offers on their smartphones or on their computers with printers. In either case, they can take the barcode to your site (on their phone or printed on paper) and have it scanned by an optical scanner connected to a SiteWatch terminal.

A Hands-On Tool

SmartCodes puts you in control of your own mobile and email marketing. The password-protected SmartCode Builder in SiteWatch lets you create and edit your own barcodes and QR codes without requiring additional software, apps, or special expertise on your part.

The SmartCode Builder provides user-friendly templates that you use to create your offers. However, you also have the flexibility to upload your logo, write a brief description of your offer, select colors, and choose an orientation that fits your brand.

Using the SmartCode Builder, you can edit your offers at any time to do things like extend expiration dates. You can also clone the barcode or QR code from one offer and use it with a future offer. Easy-to-follow prompts help you every step of the way in the SmartCodes creation process.

  • You create your barcode using the SmartCode Builder.
  • This barcode is distributed to your customers using a text messaging or email marketing service.
  • Customers take the barcode to your site, either on their smartphones or printed on paper.
  • Optical scanners at your site that are connected to SiteWatch read the barcode and award the customer the discount or prepaid wash.

Other SmartCodes Features

As powerful as it is user-friendly, SmartCodes includes a variety of features that help make your mobile and email marketing more effective. These features include:

  • “Auto-Adjust” capability allows optical scanners to read barcodes and QR codes from a wide variety of angles to account for customers holding their smartphones in different positions when they’re at your SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal.
  • Ability to produce both Code 39 and QR Code barcodes.
  • Works with Passbook for iPhone.
  • “Geo-Aware” capability allows SmartCodes to send notifications to customers’ smartphone screens when they are near your site.

What’s Next

Put the power of mobile and email marketing to work for your car wash with SmartCodes. Contact your DRB Tunnel Solutions Representative for more details.