Multi-Site Replication

Quickly and Simply Transfers Data Between Car Wash Sites

Multi-Site Replication allows you to redeem loyalty promotions, prepaid cards and monthly passes across all of your locations.

Multi-Site Operations

SiteWatch® has been created to allow the smooth transferal (replication) of data back to the home office and between sites. Items and prices can be “sited,” allowing each to be active only at the indicated locations.

Depending on the number of sites involved, you can replicate data between all the locations (via headquarters) as often as every five (5) minutes. All data is securely transmitted using 128-bit encryption schemes. This is the same level of coding used by the financial industry to transmit data via the Internet.

Some of the key data that is replicated to and from the sites is:

  • Configuration Data. Prices, terminal setups, item descriptions, etc.
  • Sales History. Includes detailed transaction history, key operating statistics, and sales information by profit center.
  • Labor Data. Employee information and timeclock data.
  • Customer Information. Visit history, club plan info, average purchase amounts, prepaid balances, etc.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

Using ODBC, you can create your own reports using data collected by your SiteWatch systems. The ODBC module works with many ODBC-compliant applications such as Microsoft Office.

We provide you access to about 60 of the most popular and useful database tables. Your data is protected and its integrity is assured by giving read-only access to the data.

The ODBC module comes with example queries that you can modify to suit your needs.

Multi-Profit Centers

DRB Tunnel Solutions puts more profits in multi-profit center sites.

How? By integrating all profit centers into a single computer system for greater efficiency and control.

  • A single POS system handles reporting for all profit centers, including car wash, detail center, and quick lube.
  • Run cross promotions involving different profit centers and maintain tight control without being buried in paperwork.
  • More convenient for customers — transactions started at one profit center can be completed at another.
  • Monitor labor statistics by profit center as employees move from one department to another.

Key Multi-Profit Center Products From DRB

  • SiteWatch for Car Wash — Whether you have one site or multiple sites, a car wash or multiple profit centers, SiteWatch POS is for you
  • SiteWatch for Quick Lube — If you have a quick lube or a chain of quick lubes and want the best POS system, then look no further
  • TunnelWatch® — An easy-to-use PC-based controller with the most advanced functions

What’s Next?

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