FastID™ License Plate Recognition

Increase customer loyalty and revenue with our LPR solution

fastid license plate recognition


DRB Systems’ license plate recognition solution is the next revolution in washing cars. With FastID, you can identify every vehicle that visits your wash, not just wash plan members. This gives you unprecedented marketing capabilities.

  • Provide customized promotions based on customer history
    • 10th wash free
    • Free birthday wash
    • Discounts on higher level wash than customer previously purchased
    • Discounts for returning within a certain amount of time
  • Encourage frequent visitors to sign up for wash plans
  • Identify house/fleet account members
  • Create a completely self-serve wash plan signup process


FastPass® RFID vehicle identification is also available.

FastID, A Key Growth Driver

FastID is one of our Growth Drivers, a powerful collection of revenue-building products that help your wash achieve its top growth potential. Working in conjunction with the Automatic Recharge Module (ARM) and the Xpress Payment Terminal 5+ (XPT), FastPass is particularly effective at building successful unlimited wash plans.