Automatic Recharge Module

Easy & Automatic Monthly Plan Management

ARMThe Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®) is an add-on feature of SiteWatch® that supports the retention of plan members. ARM renews wash plans by automatically charging members’ credit cards monthly. This saves both you and your customers time and reduces plan drop-offs, allowing you to generate steady, weather-resistant revenue.

  • Eliminate the manual transactions that inconvenience customers, create burdensome paperwork and invite internal fraud.
  • Prevent pass sharing. ARM ties each monthly pass to a specific vehicle. Vehicles can be identified by a FastPass® RFID tag or by license plate with FastID license plate recognition.
  • Customize renewal dates. Plans can be renewed on the anniversary date rather than the first of the month to eliminate prorating.
  • Track the number of passes of sold, the number deactivated and the number of washes redeemed by members with daily reports.

 A Key Growth Driver

The Automatic Recharge Module is one of our Growth Drivers, a powerful collection of revenue-building products that help your wash achieve its top growth potential. Working in conjunction with the XPT® 5+ pay stations and vehicle identification through FastPass® RFID technology or FastID license plate recognition, ARM is particularly effective for building successful unlimited wash plans.

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