Smart Signage

Dynamic Digital Car Wash Signs That Drive Revenue


Grab customers’ attention and personalize their experience with Smart Signage, our dynamic digital signage solution. Use Smart Signage at your pay stations, tunnel entrance and tunnel exit to effectively communicate with customers and deploy promotions that increase average customer spend.

Completely implemented and managed by DRB Systems, Smart Signage is an easy way to update your wash and drive revenue.

Digital signage attracts 10 TIMES MORE EYE CONTACT than static signs.
Source: Ping HD

  • 46” and 55” options available
  • Customizable screens capable of displaying text, static graphics, animated content and video
  • Schedule changes (promotions, pricing, etc.)
  • Set screen schedule based on your operating hours to save on screen usage, energy and on-site personnel time shutting displays down at night
  • Display third-party content such as weather, calendars, etc.
  • Weather-proof with a -22° through 122°F temperature range
  • Impact resistant
  • Auto-bright sensor automatically adjusts for light conditions
  • Samsung 5-year white glove warranty

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