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MarketBuilder® is consultation platform based on strategic and tactical best practices, market insight and tools, specifically geared toward helping grow your car washes business.  We can work with you to navigate the potentially daunting process of marketing your car wash, or monthly plans, and craft a plan of attack using multiple channels both offline and online. We can even execute the plan as a full-service partner  for you if needed.

Services available through our MarketBuilder offering include:

  • High End Creative Designs (Postcards, Windmasters, Banners, Handouts, Flyers, and more)
  • Logo branded Promotional Items
  • XPT screen navigation optimization
  • Every-Door-Direct-Mail (EDDM), Targeted Creative and Mailing Services (USPS bulk, first class and standard mail services)
  • On Site Marketing Creative and Production Services (Banners, Windmasters, Window Clings, Handouts, Flyers)
  • Online marketing (Facebook, online banner ads, geotargeted ads) *minimum ad spend required.
  • Press release creation and distribution
  • Seasonal program and special event planning

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