Loyalty Promotion Module FAQ

What is the SiteWatch Loyalty Promotion Module?

LPM is a module in the SiteWatch® system that keeps track of customer histories at your car wash. The information that is tracked includes the number and dates of the customer’s visits to your car wash, as well as the purchases made during those visits. This information is entered into SiteWatch automatically when the sale is tendered, without depending on your employees to enter it manually. You can use customer histories to do things like:

  • Greet each customer by name
  • Make informed selling suggestions tailored to the individual customer
  • Reward free car washes to customers after a specified number of visits
  • Give discounts to customers who return to your wash within a specified period
  • Offer special discounts to your VIP club members
  • Run other loyalty promotions
  • Manage monthly pass plans

How do I identify my customers so they can be tracked with LPM?

Customers can be identified in a number of different ways. You can track vehicles by entering license plate numbers into SiteWatch LPM, or by using VIP club member cards. Another alternative is to scan vehicle barcode stickers.

How can I use LPM at my self-pay exterior car wash?

If you have the SiteWatch Xpress Terminal® (XPT®), you can also track customers by using FastPass® tags. FastPass is a wireless acceptance system that uses a radio transponder and small windshield tags to identify vehicles as they approach the XPT terminal.

Do I have to identify and track all of my customers for LPM to work?

If you choose to, you can identify all customers, but this isn’t necessary. You can also use LPM to track a select group of customers, such as club members or customers who allow you to place a FastPass tag or barcode sticker on their vehicles.

You can track vehicles by license plate number, barcode sticker or FastPass tag without even knowing the name of the customer. By limiting yourself to “tracking the car, not the driver,” you’ll be streamlining the data entry process, and making it much faster. Even without knowing the customer’s name, you’ll still be able to run many of the most proven and effective loyalty promotions, such as 10th wash free deals, club member specials, rain check guarantees and frequent visit discounts. Of course, if you want to, you can also track information like name, address, email address and phone number for each customer.

What are the advantages of each of these alternatives?

Tracking just the vehicle and not the customer is simpler and requires less time, while still allowing you to run many of the same loyalty promotions. On the other hand, entering more detailed information will allow you to greet each customer by name to add a personal touch to transactions. Tracking more complete information also gives you the option of sending mailers tailored to individual customers based on their previous purchases, date of their last visit, or their membership in your VIP club. This will allow you to do things like send “we miss you mailers” to regular customers who haven’t been to your wash within a specified period.

This all sounds good, but is it a lot of work to maintain customer histories and keep files current?

No, because SiteWatch maintains all customer history files automatically, without requiring any action on your part. SiteWatch will automatically award free washes and other premiums to customers once they’re earned. Our system will also automatically generate lists of customers for mailings based on the dates of their last visit or other criteria that you select.

Are there any controls in LPM that will protect me from an employee pocketing the money from a full-paid wash and counting it as a free loyalty club wash?

Yes. Since LPM applies all rewards and discounts automatically, your employees do not have any discretionary power to claim a full paid wash as a free loyalty wash. Plus, all your promotions show on your sales report, which can be run by employee.

I have more than one car wash; can I run the same loyalty promotions at all of my sites without sacrificing control?

You certainly can. The Replication Logic feature in SiteWatch ensures that customer history files are shared between all of your sites and your home office. As a result, all of your sites will always have up-to-the-minute information about your loyalty customers. This ensures that your loyalty customers will always get the awards and discounts they’ve earned, nothing more or less.