Solutions for New Investors

Maximizing your success in the car wash industry

Whether you’ve already decided to invest in the car wash industry or are just gathering important industry information.  DRB Systems can guide you through the entire process to help you evaluate if the car wash industry is right for you; to include site feasibility studies and strategic planning steps.

We want you to be successful!

DRB Systems has over 30 years of experience in the car wash industry. We’ve installed POS systems at over 3,000 car washes, including 17 of the 20 largest chains in the car care industry. Our SiteWatch® System can help you reach and retain more customers with unlimited monthly plans, vehicle RFID tags, customized Facebook newsfeeds, customer tracking, prepaid gift cards, co-promotions with other businesses, and other marketing concepts.

One of our first recommendations is to visit successful car wash operations of all models: full serve, express, flex serve, etc.  Ask about their POS system; and how they use it to manage and market their business. Ask them how the car wash business has enhanced their portfolio.

Importance of the POS

We predict that one of the first things you’ll discover from your visits is how uniquely important a software-based POS system is to a successful car wash operation. Here are just a few of the reasons why POS systems play such a critical role in building a car wash business:

  • Track Every Customer – Unlike most stores, a car wash can identify each customer by his or her car. This allows you to use your POS system to track customers by license plate or barcode tag and offer discounts based on the frequency of visits, membership in a club, or other criteria.
  • Increase Efficiency with Lean Staffing – Since no goods change hands at a car wash, you can increase efficiency by having customers complete their own transactions at a self-pay POS station like the SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal®.
  • Low Costs Per Customer – A large share of your car wash investment is sunk upfront in your building and equipment, but the actual cost of each wash is relatively low. This gives you the flexibility to use your POS System to run a wide variety of promotions and flat-rate unlimited monthly pass plans. (Over 700 car washes are now selling monthly passes with our SiteWatch Automatic Recharge Module®.)

The POS system you end up using is too important to your ultimate success as a car wash operator to be chosen without careful research on your part. But don’t take our word for it – ask any operator who has succeeded in this industry!

Proven performance in the real world

Any supplier (including DRB Systems) can tell you what its POS system was designed to do, but only other car wash operators can tell you how a given product actually works in the real world to expand their markets, help them process cars more efficiently, and enhance their customers’ experience.

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