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Proven Performance For Full-Service Car Washes

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A clean vehicle, inside and out; that’s only the beginning of what a successful full-service car wash offers its customers. The full-service site that stands out and grows is the one that makes its customers feel special and appreciated — in addition to turning out a great looking vehicle. There are a variety of DRB Tunnel Solutions products that will help you show customers how much you value their business by allowing you to:

  • Greet customers by name and look up special service notes about each customer, such as “likes extra cleaning of backseat.”
  • Reward your best customers with VIP loyalty club promotions.
  • Offer frequency discounts and rainwash guarantees.
  • Lock in loyalty with monthly passes.
  • Clear credit cards in less than 3 seconds.
  • Print wash tickets and receipts without leaving the customer’s vehicle.
  • Send special offers and “we miss you messages” by mail or email.
  • Print messages tailored to individual customers on their receipts.

DRB Products for the Full-Service Car Wash

SiteWatch® Point of Sale System – Our Point of Sale system has the flexibility to meet the needs of any full service operation from a single site to a chain, or a stand alone wash to a multi-profit center.

Unlimited Wash Programs with Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®) – Lock in customer loyalty and generate consistent Weather Resistant Revenue™ by selling monthly passes with this SiteWatch option. Passes can be for unlimited washes or restricted to a specified number of visits to your wash. ARM renews passes every month by automatically recharging customer credit cards.

CarPics® After Care Management – Display pictures of each queued car on a color video screen and effectively manage your aftercare services. Keeping track of customers and what they bought becomes easy for you and employees.

Tablet Touchscreen Terminal (TTT) – Complete transactions at the customer’s vehicle with the new SiteWatch TTT. This will result in faster service and less waiting in line for your customers. It will also make your employee’s job easier, improving morale and reducing turnover.

Xpress Card Clearing® – Save your customers time by clearing credit card transactions in less than 3 seconds with this SiteWatch option.

Multi-Site Replication – SiteWatch allows data to be transferred between all sites and the home office in a multi-site operation, so monthly passes, prepaid cards and club plans can be run chain-wide without sacrificing control.

TunnelWatch® – Our PC-based tunnel control runs conveyor equipment with more precise to-the-inch control rather than by counting pulses, to lower chemical and utility costs.

Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT®) – Our self-pay station can help you extend your hours and expand your market by offering an express exterior option. The XPT can also be used to sell full-service washes by having it issue wash order tickets, which are then entered into the controller at your tunnel entrance.

Wash Code At Pump – Increase revenue by selling washes from fuel pumps with this SiteWatch option. Pumps can be on your site or at a service station owned by someone else.

StatWatch® – Make it easy to view hourly and daily car count (by graph and table), dollars per vehicle, extra service sales per vehicle, total extras sales by type of service and sales by employee for any profit center. StatWatch also makes it fast and simple to see how efficiently your site is operating by providing graphical presentations that show traffic volume per man hour, labor cost per vehicle and labor cost as a percentage of revenue.

What Next?

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