Past MarketView Articles:

June 2015 The Heart of the Matter
A growing body of research has revealed the growing influence of emotions in shaping buying decisions. Learn how getting customers to feel connected to your car wash can help your bottom line.
May 2015 Reaching Customers Offsite
The line between online and in-store is blurring as more customers opt for an omni-channel shopping experience. Almost 1 out of 5 Americans now orders items online and picks up their purchase at a store. What does this click-and-collect trend mean to your car wash?
April 2015 Words and Deeds
Customers may always be right, but blindly listening to them can quickly lead to shrinking sales as companies from McDonald's to Walmart have learned. Understanding what customers want requires observing their actions, not just hearing their words. Learn what this means for your car wash.
March 2015 Seeking Experience
Quality and price are certainly important factors in attracting customers, but businesses that want to lock in loyalty must also focus on the buying experience. The divergent paths of Starbucks and McDonald’s illustrate this point. What does this mean for your car wash? 
February 2015 Customers Are People Too
At a time when a growing number of Americans are feeling cut off from the big institutions around them, personalizing your marketing message can resonate with customers and increase their loyalty. Companies like Coca-Cola, and Kroger have demonstrated this in convincing fashion recently. What can your car wash learn from their experience?
January 2015 Menu Meltdown
Consumers are demanding more options, but they also want faster service. This has created a catch-22, for many businesses like McDonald's that expanded their selections to offer customers greater variety, but then were punished for the loss of speed that resulted from their more complex menus. Learn how your car wash can walk the fine line between choice and speed.
December 2014 Turning Cocoons into Butterflies
Consumers are “cocooning” and spending more time at home; a trend that has impacted everything from ticket sales at movies and sporting events to restaurant traffic and retail store visits. Can the right marketing mix get these homebodies to visit your car wash more often?
November 2014 Inquisitive and Impulsive
Sometimes consumer behavior is a study in contradictions. Today's shoppers methodically research items online before buying, but at the same time they remain as prone as ever to making impulsive purchase decisions. Successful car wash marketing appeals to both sides of the customer.
October 2014 Reaching The Reluctant Consumer
Discretionary spending and enthusiasm for shopping have dipped since the recession ended. Learn how your car wash can move forward even as customers cut back.
September 2014 Thriving in the Age of Reinvention
Business as usual has become highly unusual in today’s volatile market. From Walmart to McDonald’s, leading companies are busily reworking longstanding strategies to keep up with changing consumer demands. Is there a lesson in this for your car wash?
August 2014 Rethinking Time
Customer expectations and technology are both moving at an accelerated rate. Satisfying the former hinges on your ability to keep up with the latter. Doing this will require car wash operators to view product life cycle timeframes from a new perspective.  
July 2014 Back in the Money
Average Americans may still be belt tightening, but the affluent are spending again. With the 5% wealthiest Americans accounting for 38 cents of every retail dollar, car washes that market to them can be richly rewarded.
June 2014 Marketing in a Post-Ad World
With 8 out of 10 Super Sunday commercials failing to influence buying decisions and almost 2 trillion online display ads never being seen, is it time to reexamine the rule that "advertising pays"?
May 2014 The Wisdom of Crowds
Overwhelmed by choices everywhere they turn, consumers are trying to simplify their purchase experience by following the lead of the crowd when making buying decisions. Learn how the rise of "Social Proof" shopping has created a new opportunity for car washes that sell monthly passes.
April 2014 Look Who's Talking
All word of mouth advertising is not created equal. Car washes that sell monthly passes are in a unique position to supercharge their WOM with brand ambassadors for their sites.
March 2014 Online Is Always On
The online shopping experience doesn’t end when computers or smartphones are turned off. Every minute on the Internet changes the way shoppers view off-line retailers like car washes. How you meet the expectations of these techno shoppers can determine your future success.
February 2014 Thriving in the Age of "Dinostores"
Traffic at brick and mortar stores, which had been declining for years, reached a new level of low last holiday season. Although your car wash is not a typical "store," there are still many reasons why you should address the trend that is turning consumers off to shopping.
January 2014 Longing to Belong
Consumers have stopped “going it alone,” and are joining membership groups like Costco and subscription services like Netflix in record numbers to make shopping more manageable. What does this trend mean to your car wash?
December 2013 Secret to Success...
From Starbucks to McDonald’s, top marketers are offering “hidden choices” that aren’t on their in-store menus. Can this strategy attract new customers to your car wash?
November 2013 Getting Personal
Today’s consumers value autonomy and privacy at the point-of-sale, which is why they’ve embraced self-pay terminals. However, when it comes to receiving marketing messages they expect a relationship with retailers that is more personalized than ever. How can you meet these seemingly conflicting demands?
October 2013 Upselling 2.0
The art of upselling has come a long way since McDonald’s began asking “do you want fries with that?” New technology has made the entire process of bumping up customer purchases less disruptive and more effective. Learn how your car wash use these tools.
September 2013 Happy Days
Businesses have always looked at customer satisfaction as the key to growing market share, but more researchers now believe you should first focus on raising employee satisfaction to increase sales. Learn what this means for your car wash.
August 2013 Three's Company
Want to sharpen your marketing message? Instead of focusing on what customers buy, look at how they make their purchases. When you do, you'll discover that they tend to fall into one of three groups, each of which requires its own marketing strategy
July 2013 Dynamic Pricing
In this era of “showrooming” flash sales, online comparison shopping sites, and location-based mobile coupon apps, fixed prices are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Is it time to rethink your car wash pricing strategy?
June 2013 How Cash Lost Its Cool
Cash was once king, but my how the mighty have fallen! Greenbacks will account for only 2% of point-of-sale payments in 2013 for households earning $60,000 or more. What does cash’s decline mean to your car wash? Maybe a lot more than you imagine.
May 2013 Psychology of Consumption
Consumers may say they base their buying decisions on rational considerations like price and quality, but recent research suggests that there are also deeper psychological forces at work on us when we make many purchases. Will channeling these intangible factors have a real effect on your bottom line?
April 2013 Know Me, Sell Me
When competition heats up, it's tempting to worry about your competitor's next move, but that’s when savvy markets refuse to be distracted by rivals and instead focus their attention on learning more about their customers.
March 2013 The New Productivity Paradox: Growing Without Getting Bigger
From McDonalds to Home Depot, leading retailers are discovering that they can use new technologies to grow their business without increasing their size. Learn what this means for your car wash.
February 2013 Soft-Tech
The crisp efficiency of technology may grab all the headlines, but marketers from Disney to Kroger are using some of high tech’s softer features to woo customers. Learn what this means for your car wash.
January 2013 Act Now!
Limited time and seasonal special promotions may be the hottest marketing tool of 2013. Learn what this means for your car wash.
December 2012 Youth Movement
Your customer base is getting younger, but is your marketing keeping up? Learn how savvy marketers are adjusting their messages to reach a new generation.
November 2012 Viral Marketing 2.0
Word-of-mouth has always been critical to attracting customers. Then the Internet arrived and extended its reach further. Now the rise of social media has added a “native content” element to the mix, making the viral power of this venerable form of advertising even more potent. Learn what this can mean for your car wash.
October 2012 Deal, No Deal
Although many consumers prefer the convenience of flat-rate monthly pass plans, others enjoy the sport of deal hunting. Learn how you can keep the latter group returning to your car wash by making shopping fun with spontaneous specials.
September 2012 Simplicity Sells
From Amazon to McDonald's, market leaders have always focused on making the buying process simpler for customers. Now more than ever, keeping things simple is the surest way to win market share.
August 2012 Good Impulses
E-commerce, social media, and other high-tech wonders have redefined retailing, but old-fashioned impulse shopping is stronger than ever. Applying today's digital tools to this classic retailing principle can give you new ways to reach car wash customers.
July 2012 Experience Required
Over half of US consumers changed their brand preferences in 2011. Although loyalty programs are critical to stemming this customer drain, they aren’t enough by themselves. The key to building loyalty involves something more complex – providing customers with a positive experience.
June 2012 No Laughing Matter
From auto insurance to stock trading, formerly staid products and industries are reshaping themselves with a new breed of humorous advertising. Can putting some fun in your car wash's marketing have you laughing all the way to the bank?
May 2012 Word of Mouth Shouts Out
According to a Harvard study, customers who are referred to a business by friends are 16% more profitable than other customers. How you can generate more Word-Of-Mouth for your car wash?
April 2012 The New Rules Of Retailing
The recession may, or may not be ending, but one thing is certain: it has led Americans to rethink the way they make purchase decisions. Understanding the new mindset of consumers is critical to developing an effective growth strategy.
March 2012 Off The Clock
With more demands made on their time than ever, consumers are less likely to follow predictable routines. Thanks to the 24/7 convenience of the internet, they can now disregard their clocks and follow their own shopping schedules. Savvy retailers from McDonald's to Macy's have adjusted their strategies to compete in a clockless market. Is this a wake up call for carwashes?.
February 2012 The Heart Of The Matter
Making an emotional connection with skeptical consumers in today's crowded marketplace is often essential to earning their business. SiteWatch isn't a box of chocolates, but it can help you win over the hearts of customers who follow their feelings when making purchase decisions.
January 2012 In Search Of Stability
Worried about the economy... Insecure about their jobs... And uncertain about the future... Consumers are craving predictability when they shop. The car wash that gives it to them is likely to win their loyalty.
December 2011 Time Is Money… Even In A Soft Economy
Time Is Money… At least at McDonald's where a 7second improvement in transaction speed can bump up sales 15%. Read what this means for car washes.
November 2011 Back To The Future
How barter is replacing cash as the currency of choice in internet and social media advertising.
October 2011 Making Your Car wash "Part Of The Conversation" In A Facebook® Driven Market
Consumers trust one another much more than businesses when they seek advice about purchase decisions. So how do you make your car wash part of their conversation?
September 2011 Reach More Customers By Giving Them More Control
Today's "autonomous customers" are independent & suspicious of traditional sales pitches. Give them more control over how you sell and market to them.
August 2011 Finding Your Voice On Facebook
Facebook has passed Google and newspapers in importance as a media platform and is closing in on TV.
July 2011 Small Wonders: Bigger Isn't Always
Smart marketers from Best Buy to Chiquita Bananas are "thinking small" to deliver more convenience to customers.
June 2011 Flat Pricing Paradox: Lowering Prices Can Increase Monthly Pass Profits
Can lowering prices actually increase the profitability of your monthly pass program? Research from Ivy League business schools suggest it might.
May 2011 The Power of Partnering: Affiliate Marketing and the Carwash
Going it alone doesn't always make sense when reaching customers. Learn why affiliate marketing may be right for your carwash
April 2011 When Word-Of-Mouth Becomes World-Of-Mouth
The Internet is spreading customer opinions faster than ever. Learn how to manage your reputation in this environment
March 2011 You've Got to Give to Get
"Earned Discounts" Can Be A Win-Win For Your Carwash And Its Customers
February 2011 How to Get the Price "Right"
Even When Everything Is Always on Sale
January 2011 When "Click" Meets "Brick"
Reaching Carwash Customers in the Multi-Channel Age
December 2010 Casting A Wider Net: Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy Keys Growth
Going beyond focusing on key groups of core customers, companies are offering more choices to appeal to a more diverse mix of consumers
November 2010 Putting The "Custom" In Customer Service
When it comes to customer service, fast and friendly aren’t always enough by themselves anymore
October 2010 Double Duty
High Tech Tools Do More Than Help You Run Your Carwash More Efficiently, They Also Send An Important Message To Customers About Your Commitment To Your Business
September 2010 Peak Performance: Managing Your Carwash During Its Busiest Periods
Making Short-term Sacrifices for the Sake of Achieving Long-term Goals
August 2010 Time To Rethink Your Ideas About Customer Service
When Services Becomes Convenience
July 2010 Profitable Performance Creating An Entertaining Experience Makes Customers Happier – And More Loyal
Entertaining Your Customers Reaps Rewards
June 2010 Listening To Self-Pay Customers "Pays Off"
Learning New Ways Of Communicating With Self-Pay Customers Can Be Critical To Your Carwash’s Future 
May 2010 Marketing From Within
The Decline Of Traditional Advertising Has Lead More Retailers To Turn Inward When Reaching Out To Customers 
March 2010 Your Customers Have Changed. Is Your Carwash Keeping Up?
How Your Carwash Responds to Changes is Likely to Determine Its Future Success
February 2010 Reaching the "Car-Cooning" Customer
Respecting Your Customer's "Space" (Inside the Vechicle)
January 2010 Bridging The Digital Divide
Meeting Expecations of Millenials
December 2009 The New Pricing Paradigm
The Rules of Pricing Have Been Rewritten
November 2009 The Future Isn't What It Used To Be
The Future Is Now
October 2009 Growth Strategy For Challenging Times: What Price Loyalty?
How To Make Sure Your Most Frequent Customers Are Also Your Most Profitable Ones
September 2009 Growth Strategy For Challenging Times: Invest
Invest In New Technology and Marketing