The module that lets you sell and control washes from outside fuel pumps, whether the service station is owned by you or a third party.

How does information get transmitted from the outside service station to my car wash?

SiteWatch Remote WashCAP uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to send information from the service station to your car wash. A VPN is a very secure connection between two sites using the Internet. This information is transmitted to your car wash in real time, regardless of whether the outside service station is just across the street or miles away.

What do I have to install at my neighbor’s service station for this to work?

You will have to connect the service station’s POS system to an Ethernet-to-Serial converter, and install a power connection for the Internet Router.  This hardware, along with the SiteWatch Remote WashCAP module and an Internet connection at the service station, is all that’s needed.

Is the installation long, and costly?

No, most service stations are already Internet-connected, and the hardware required for Remote WashCAP is very basic and uncomplicated. The hardware and software are also very affordable.

How do I create a relationship with a neighboring service station?

The answer depends on the type of service station you're considering. If the station is independently owned, you can work directly with the proprietor. On the other hand, if your neighbor is a company owned service station, you will have to go through the proper corporate channels. In either case, DRB Systems is ready to provide you with documentation showing that WashCAPS is a safe and secure system that provides service station with an added revenue source. WashCAPS also makes it possible for service stations to offer their customers the convenience of purchasing a car wash at the pumps. This can be an especially attractive incentive for service stations that have competitors with car wash bays on site.

How do I receive the money generated by wash sales at my neighbor's pumps?

There are many different arrangements that you can work out with a service station. Typically, a car wash will provide the service station with a report of weekly sales figures made at the off-site fuel pumps. (This report is generated by SiteWatch. The service station will then give the car wash a check for these sales, minus any commission that the wash has agreed in advance to pay.

So, SiteWatch records sales made at my neighbor's pumps separately from my other sales?

Yes -- sales made at your neighbor’s pumps would be listed as separate items in their own section of the SiteWatch General Sales Report.  This will allow you to see exactly what washes are being sold, how many of each, and the dollar value of those sales.

What happens after the customer uses the wash purchased at the outside fuel pump. Can the receipt be used again?

No -- each numeric code is distinct. Once a receipt has been redeemed at your wash, that number is deactivated, so it can’t be used again. This protects your WashCAP sales from fraud and abuse.

What happens if customers do not redeem their wash code receipts?

You can assign an expiration date up to one year for washes purchased from outside fuel pumps. After the expiration date, the wash code automatically becomes invalid. Based on our experience, it appears that most customers will redeem their wash code receipts within 31 days.

How many different service stations can I "partner" with using Remote WashCAP?

You can have 6 outside service stations for each of your SiteWatch systems. For example, if you have 4 car washes with SiteWatch, you can have WashCAP at 24 different outside service stations. However, if you have one car wash with SiteWatch, you can use 6 service stations.

I own more than one car wash, can wash code receipts be used at all of my locations?

SiteWatch Replication will ensure that WashCAP information is shared among all the sites in your chain. So if you have four sites, your customers can redeem their wash code receipts at any one of those locations without sacrificing control. Once a wash code receipt is redeemed at one location, its number will be deactivated at all of your other sites.

Can I sell more than one wash option at outside pumps?

Yes -- you can sell a range of basic and deluxe washes from outside pumps. The numeric code printed on the receipt will be linked to the wash option purchased by the customer. This will ensure that your customers get only the wash they paid for, nothing more or less. SiteWatch reports will show exactly how many of each wash option was purchased at the pumps.

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