SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal® adds dual bill dispenser.

The SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal can dispense dollar bills in addition to coinsThe SiteWatch® XPT Xpress Pay Terminal® self pay station from DRB Systems now comes with a dual bill dispenser option. Thanks to this new feature, the XPT is able to give customers change in 2 denominations as well as coins.

The new dual bill dispenser joins a long list of other features that have made the XPT popular with full-service and exterior carwash operators, including Xpress Credit Card clearing and the ability to process prepaid cards with absolutely no transaction fees.

Part of the SiteWatch System, the XPT also has a powerful Replication Logic feature that allows it to work with prepaid cards that are sold off site. For example, an operator can sell prepaid cards from his or her tunnel and then have customers use them at an unattended bay's XPT across town. The Replication Logic feature makes the XPT ideally suited for chain or single site applications.

Featuring a rugged ATM-style interface that has been engineered to meet the demands of a carwash environment and an advanced audio-visual system, the XPT works with loyalty club cards, barcode coupons, and tokens, as well as credit cards and prepaid cards. Detailed reports for each SiteWatch XPT station are accessible to operators off-site using StatWatch.

For more information, contact DRB Systems at 1-800-336-6338.