The PC-based tunnel control system that helps lower utility and chemical costs.

TunnelWatch for Car Wash


Creating a Smarter Tunnel

TunnelWatch is more than a conveyor controller; it’s a new breed of tunnel management system that keeps you in closer touch with your car wash and gives you an unprecedented level of control over your equipment.

With TunnelWatch in your corner, you’ll be able to operate your tunnel more efficiently, resulting in lower costs, enhanced wash quality, and greater customer satisfaction. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Web-Based User Interface – You can connect to TunnelWatch safely and securely via web browser from anywhere with no additional software or app required. This allows you to view and change your tunnel functions remotely from your phone, tablet, or any Internet-connected computer.
  • Graphical Live Status Screen – Once you connect to TunnelWatch, you’ll find it easy to see what’s happening in your tunnel thanks to our user-friendly graphical live Status screen.
  • To-The-Inch Control – Unlike traditional pulse-driven controllers, TunnelWatch works in terms of inches, not by counting pulses. Our “to-the-inch” control results in lower chemical and utility costs, because equipment is activated only when needed, rather than cycling up early or remaining on after a vehicle has passed.
  • Live Invoke – This feature allows you to make changes to your tunnel remotely from your cell phone or tablet in milliseconds.
  • Cloud Backup – For extra security and reliability, TunnelWatch features Cloud backup and recovery. Included in this feature are automatic off-site backups, a simple one-step recovery process, and the ability to reload prior configurations.
  • Vehicle Profile Detection™ – TunnelWatch recognizes the height of vehicles to help you operate more efficiently. For example, using this information, you can have bumper spray equipment automatically adjust for tall vehicles. Using sonar, TunnelWatch also recognizes open pickup truck beds, so you can retract overhead equipment when these vehicles pass. 
  • Device Saturation Guard – The user-controlled time-based configurations in TunnelWatch will allow you to cut off solutions like tire shine automatically, when enough is already on the equipment. This not only lowers your costs, it also enhances the quality of your service.
  • Smooth SiteWatch® Interface – TunnelWatch interfaces very smoothly to the SiteWatch POS system without requiring an SRMB or serial cable.
  • Simulated Pulse and Enter Switch – A simulated pulse switch and enter switch keep TunnelWatch running smoothly when your real switches fail.
  • Collision Avoidance – TunnelWatch offers a variety of collision protection controls, including our latest: two progress switches located at the tunnel exit that detect if a vehicle pulls out early.
  • Convenient Relay Configuration – A very flexible system, TunnelWatch allows relays to be added in banks of 4 (instead of limiting you to 16-relay boards), so the number of relays in the controller more closely matches the specific needs of the car wash. The relays themselves are individually fused, making it easier to diagnose and correct problems.