The New Social Circle® Module (SCM) Links Your SiteWatch® System to Facebook® to Attract New Customers to Your Car Wash

We all know that newspapers and direct mail coupons aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be when it comes to reaching new customers. So where does that leave you as a car wash operator?

DRB Systems has the answer; our new user-friendly SiteWatch Social Circle Module makes it simple to extend your marketing reach to social media by posting positive newsfeeds about your car wash on your customers' Facebook pages. This reinforces the loyalty of existing customers and attracts new visitors to your car wash.


Here's What The Social Circle Module Does:

  • Automatically posts a positive message on your customer's Facebook newsfeed every time he or she visits your wash. Each post includes your customer's name and "Facebook photo/image." For example, the post might read ("Joe Businessman just got the best deluxe wash in town at North Coast Car Wash.") Click here to see sample Social Circle Module Facebook newsfeeds.
  • The post immediately appears on the Facebook pages of your customer's friends to spread your marketing message across social media.
    Holiday Online Shoppers
    The Social Circle Module from DRB Systems, Inc is the cure for nose-diving newspapers and crumbling coupon responses.
  • A "Get My Deal" link on your post draws new visitors to your car wash by giving your customer's friends an incentive to try your services. For example, this link can give friends access to special discount coupons. These coupons can have time limits. You can also limit your coupon offers to a set number of customers, such as the first 25 who redeem the offer. Your Social Circle couponing can also be set up to offer smaller "consolation discounts" to customers who miss out on your main deal. Click here to see sample Social Circle coupons.
  • Many of the friends who visit your wash for the "Get My Deal" special are likely to be new customers. This will expand the market for your car wash.
  • Some of these newcomers will wind up becoming regular customers and members of your Social Circle Club. This will extend your reach on Facebook even further.


Here's How The Social Circle Module Works:

  • Customers give you permission to post on their Facebook pages in exchange for a discount on their monthly pass or prepaid card account.
  • Customers can enter your Social Circle Club through an app on your Facebook page. This app is provided by DRB Systems.
  • Club member customers will be identified either through their FastPass® Tag at the Xpress Pay Terminal®, by vehicle barcode, by license plate number or by having a club card scanned.
  • As more customers join your "Social Circle Club" your Facebook marketing message will be seen by a larger and larger audience.
  • Social Circle discounts that you give to the friends of your customers can be offered through a printable barcode or a numeric code.
  • In either case, SiteWatch will automatically apply these discounts without depending on the actions of your employees. SiteWatch will also invalidate a barcode or numeric code after it is used one time.

All you need to do is have a Facebook page and be tracking customers on SiteWatch 2011 using vehicle stickers/barcodes, FastPass Tags or license plates. It really is that simple.

As more and more customers sign up for your Social Circle club, the "viral buzz" about your wash will gain momentum. SOON THE WHOLE TOWN WILL BE TALKING ABOUT YOUR CAR WASH!