Turn your receipts into selling tools.

The Power of Intelligent Receipts

Have you ever considered that the primary item that a customer drives off with after receiving your service is a receipt? Why not make that receipt look clean, attractive and act as a marketing tool?

SiteWatch® has very powerful and flexible receipt capabilities. Take a stroll through our "virtual tour" of various intelligent receipt examples or "view all" of them at once to see how you can impress your customers.

See How Intelligent Receipts Can:

  1. Prompt Your Customers Who Are Past Due For Their Lube.
  2. Encourage Your Customers To Join Your Club.
  3. Offer A Maintenance Wash In Between Visits To Your Full Serve.
  4. Encourage Customers To Visit During Your Off-Peak Times.
  5. Remind Club Members Why They Joined.
  6. Make Sure That Your Customers Re-Join Your Club.
  7. Show Your Customers How Much They've Earned.
  8. Clean Car Guarantee Can Be Tightly Controlled.
  9. Identify Non-Club Members & Encourage Them To Join Your Club.
  10. Offer Upgrades Based On Past Purchases.
  11. Club Member Perk.
  12. Keep Them Coming Back With A Standard Kickback Offer.
  13. Prompt Your Lube Customers Who Are Due For Service.
  14. Recognize Your First-Time Customers.
  15. Cross-Market Your Detail Shop.
  16. Annual Pass Renewal.
  17. Excite Your Customers With Random Winners.
  18. Induce Your Prepaid Customers To Re-charge.
  19. Remind Your Detail Customers That They're Due.
  20. Show Their Points Earned In Your Club.
  21. Make Your Infrequent Customer A Frequent Customer.
  22. Looking To Build Your Mailing List?
  23. Enforce The Guarantee On Your Top Pack.
  24. Upgrade Your Customers to Your Top Package.
  25. Keep Monthly Revenue Flowing.