Power and flexibility in a POS management system.

SiteWatch Touch Screen Terminal and cash register

SiteWatch® for Car Wash

Power and flexibility in a Windows based POS Management system -- that's SiteWatch. We've designed our newest product so it can be configured to meet the specific demands of any business, from the single-location car wash to the multi-profit center chain. With SiteWatch, you can run a quick lube, car wash, and other profit centers on a single computer system.

Have a multi-unit chain? SiteWatch lets you transfer sales, labor and customer history data across your entire organization over the Internet using secure, encrypted methods. Now you can customize your POS system to reflect the way your business really works.

SiteWatch Makes Customers Feel Better About Visiting Your Car Wash.

Additional SiteWatch Components

  1. Alerts and Bulletins - Manage your business remotely, control costs, and increase your revenue by using Alerts & Bulletins to view key statistics and errors. Comes standard with SiteWatch® 2006.
  2. Xpress Card Clearing® - Save your customers time by clearing credit card transactions in less than 3 seconds with this SiteWatch option.
  3. Intelligent Receipt Messaging - Turn your receipts into selling tools. SiteWatch has very powerful and flexible receipt capabilities. Take a stroll through the various intelligent receipt examples.
  4. Multi-Site Replication - Quickly and smoothly transfer data between the home office and your multiple sites.

    SiteWatch Touch Screen Terminal and cash register

  5. QuickBooks® Interface - Save time and reduce errors by using the QuickBooks interface to SiteWatch® for your general ledger and house accounts.
  6. SiteWatch® Quick Lube Pro - Run your multiple quick lube operations as an interconnected enterprise.
  7. Wash Code At Pump (WashCAP) - Increase revenues by selling washes from fuel pumps with this SiteWatch option. Pumps can be on your site or at a service station owned by someone else.