Xpress Card Clearing with SiteWatch® makes for a fast, error-free way to accept what has fast become the preferred method of payment for most consumers.

  • Handles MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Discover.
  • Integrates with your SiteWatch cash register, eliminating double-entry and mistakes. 

Clear credit card instantly at your SiteWatch cash registerFast Approval Times to Speed Up Your Line and Make Customers Happier

  • Approval times in less than 2 seconds compared to 10-15 seconds for a standard dial-up connection. 
  • Signature requirements can be turned off for lower transaction amounts as configured by you.
  • No more double entry, which will speed up your cashier and your customer’s experience.

Good Reporting and Back Up Features

  • Detail transaction reporting is available over the web and available at any time.
  • In “local” mode, if your connection has problems, SiteWatch Xpress Card Clearing will “queue” the sale transactions for later processing but continue to approve cards.
  • Manager can override voice approval requirement if so desired.