Manage your business remotely, control costs, and increase your revenue by using Alerts & Bulletins to view key statistics and errors. Comes standard with SiteWatch® 2006.


Bulletins allow you to manage your labor and increase your revenue by sending key stats on sales and timeclock information. 

Alerts and Bulletins

  • Any live stats text form within SiteWatch can be sent
  • Different bulletins can be sent to different peripherals such as cell phones, PCs, laptops or PDAs 
  • Automatically conforms to the type of peripheral receiving the stats
  • Can be sent by profit center or by group of profit centers
  • Zero stat lines are suppressed
  • Special tabbed format version for easy integration into existing computer programs
  • Bulletins can be sent at these intervals:
    • Always sent
    • Sent when site is selling anything
    • Sent when site is washing cars


Alerts are designed to notify you of errors or potential problems. Samples include:

System warnings and errors

Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT) problems and money matters:

Cash drop alert

  • Works for Touch Screen Terminal, Keypad Terminal, or Portable Touchscreen Terminal
  • Does not work for Xpress Pay Terminal
  • Based on preset desired amount in drawer
  • For example: "Cash drop needed."

Tardy sales alert

  • Alerts for transactions started, but not paid at cashier within a preset time period
  • For example: "3 sales are tardy!"

User alerts allow manually triggered messages

  • Message text can be predefined ("I'm being robbed!")
  • Message text can be manually entered ("Bob Kopko called for you.")