Lock in customer loyalty, speed up transactions, increase cash flow and boost revenue.

Prepaid Cards and Wash Books Offer Your Business Many Advantages

Tight Control with Reduced Paperwork

Prepaid car wash ticket book and prepaid card for the car wash and quick lube

  • Prepaid cards aren’t active until scanned, which greatly reduces your need to inventory the cards and tickets. If someone takes a prepaid card without paying for it, the card won’t work at the register.
  • Wash Books also are not active until energized, so you don’t need to count books before and after each shift. If a book is taken and an attempt is made to use a ticket, SiteWatch® will indicate that the ticket isn’t active and will not initiate the transaction.
  • Individual tickets within the wash book are “retired” when used and cannot be used a second time.
  • Much time is saved because counting and comparing tickets turned in against the daily report now needs only to be done on a spot-check basis.

Flexible Sales Tool

Prepaid car wash ticket book and prepaid card for the car wash and quick lube

  • You can use our Prepaid & Wash Book Control to create dollar-value cards or cards based on units.
  • Cards can be “re-energized” by your cashier to increase the dollars or units on the card.
  • Prepaid cards can be created as a fixed number or they can be open. For instance, you may choose to sell a 10-wash prepaid card or you may want an open-priced gift card.

Working for Your Entire Chain

  • SiteWatch will share the prepaid and wash book information between all your locations.
  • You may run a usage report on any prepaid card or wash book, giving detailed information for each use at each site.