Products to fit your needs.

Automatic Recharge Module®

  • The SiteWatch® Automatic Recharge Module (ARM®) renews monthly passes by automatically charging your customers' credit cards.


  • The CarPics Vehicle Manager displays pictures of each queued car on a color video screen at your conveyor entrance to increase production, reduce errors, improve controls and enhance your customer's experience.


  • FastPass uses wireless acceptance technology to process your best customers quickly and easy.

Loyalty Promotion Module

  • Encourage your customers to come back to your business and get them back more frequently.

Portable Touchscreen Terminal

  • Speed up transaction flow and provide more timely information with the Portable Touchscreen Terminal.

Prepaid and Wash Book Control

  • Lock in customer loyalty, speed up transactions, increase cash flow and boost revenue.


  • Power and flexibility in a Windows based POS Management system -- that's SiteWatch. We've designed our newest product so it can be configured to meet the specific demands of any business, from the single-location car wash to the multi-profit center chain.


  • Your key to mobile and email marketing, SmartCodes lets you create barcodes and QR codes for digital coupons and prepaid washes sent to customers on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.


  • A constant companion that keeps you in touch with your car wash from anywhere


  • Control your tunnel with the extremely flexible TunnelWatch.

Vehicle Profile Detection™

  • The sound choice for enhanced control. Uses sonar to profile vehicles to the inch and automatically identifies and adjusts for pickup truck beds.

Wash Code At Pump (WashCAP)

  • Increase revenues by selling washes from fuel pumps with this SiteWatch option. Pumps can be on your site or at a service station owned by someone else.

Website Connect™

  • Your Link To Expanded Sales Website Connect was created to allow you to link your SiteWatch POS to your business’ website with an eye towards expanding your sales of prepaid services.

Xpress Card Clearing®

  • Save your customers time by clearing credit card transactions in less than 2 seconds with this SiteWatch option.

Xpress Pay Terminal®

  • Increase productivity, complete transactions in less time and enhance customer satisfaction with the SiteWatch® XPT®.