Introducing FastPass®, a rock solid wireless acceptance system proven at carwashes across the country that builds volume, increases throughput and saves valuable time for you and your customers.

FastPass uses wireless acceptance technologyFastPass is designed to provide fast car wash service to your wash pass customers. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT), FastPass wirelessly approves your annual pass customer to allow the vehicle through the gate and into the tunnel.

Build Volume and Increase Throughput using FastPass

FastPass will appeal to your increasingly time-strapped customers as a way to get in and out of the wash quickly, broadening your appeal to the motoring public. Throughput is increased because transaction time is greatly reduced –no more waiting to dig into the wallet or rolling the window down and up!

Improve Customer Satisfaction –and Improve Cash Flow

Using FastPass, your customer will appreciate that they automatically receive the services they pre-ordered –quickly and conveniently. Also, selling your customer a wash pass (typically by charging a monthly fee of anywhere from $25 to $70) makes for predictable revenue and great cash flow. The process is fast and easy, increasing throughput at your tunnel and making for happier customers. Because the tag uses special adhesive, the sticker is difficult to remove, giving you tight control. 

FastPass Stickers

Why FastPass?

Industry experts say that wireless transactions are up to 60% faster. This time savings means that FastPass will speed up your transaction time and your tunnel throughput. Also, because we’ve linked FastPass to the annual pass capability of SiteWatch, you can improve your cash flow and meet the desires of your time-strapped customers. Consumers reward businesses that make the process fast and convenient.

How Does FastPass Work?

Simply put a small tag (3/4" x 4" - see photo) in the lower-left of the driver’s windshield and as the car approaches the XPT, a reader “interrogates” the tag. SiteWatch then assures that the car is eligible and determines the type of service the car is to receive. After the tag is read, the gate goes up and the car is placed in the queue for processing into the tunnel. It makes for a fast and easy transaction. Click here to view the FastPass product video.

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What Next?

FastPass works with XPTEmail us at or call us (1-800-336-6338) for more information on FastPass, the new wireless acceptance technology designed to work with the SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal. It’ll make your customers’ lives easier and improve your bottom line.