The SiteWatch Automatic Recharge Module (ARM) renews monthly passes by automatically charging your customers' credit cards.

This makes it more practical to sell and control monthly passes than ever before. Monthly passes make your business less weather-dependent by providing a steady revenue stream, rain or shine.

Automatic Recharge Module

Here’s What The SiteWatch Automatic Recharge Module Can Do:

  • Passes renew automatically without burying you in paperwork. Passes can be renewed on their anniversary date so that prorating plans is not needed; or all passes can be renewed on the same date each month. The choice is yours.
  • Restrict monthly pass customers to a limited number of washes by day or by month to guard against over-use of passes
  • Prevent "pass sharing" by tying each monthly pass to a specific vehicle, using FastPass® Vehicle Tags and the SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal®
  • FastPass® uses RFID technology to approve sales in less than 3 seconds Monthly passes can be tied to individual vehicles using the Automatic Recharge Module With FastPass® Windshield Tags and the SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal
    Protect against abuse by controlling monthly pass transactions without depending on the actions of your employees

This makes selling monthly passes a realistic option for any car wash — exterior or full-service, single site, or chain.

The SiteWatch Automatic Recharge Module allows you to offer a wide variety of monthly passes, from Open Plans (customers can bring in their vehicles as often as they like), to Limited Plans that restrict pass holders to a maximum number of washes a month. Click here to read more about pass plan options.

Consumer Interviews about Monthly Unlimited Car Washing at Four Seasons Auto Wash

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Other Powerful Features

  • A Flexible System – The Automatic Recharge Module can be used with FastPass Windshield Tags and the SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal, the SiteWatch Portable Touchscreen Terminal or any SiteWatch barcode reader. Click here to read more about this versatile tool.
    Automatic recharges are used by an increasing number of consumers
    A Coming Trend — Over half of all US households now use some form of automatic charge system, and 84% of them report that they are very satisfied with this payment method. In response to consumer demand, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have been actively promoting automatic charge prepaid cards.
  • Daily Reports – SiteWatch provides detailed daily reports on monthly pass transactions including the number of passes sold, the number of passes deactivated and the number of washes redeemed by pass customers.
  • Optional Website Integration – Pass plans can be sold online and integrated directly into the SiteWatch System.
  • A Prepaid Card Tool – You can automatically charge prepaid cards by billing customer credit cards when prepaid accounts fall below specified number of wash units.

Many operators have always wanted to sell monthly passes, but the issues of paperwork and control have held them back. Now these obstacles have been removed thanks to the SiteWatch Automatic Recharge Module.