Wash Codes at Pump


Sell washes from any gas pump, at your site or a location owned by a third party, without sacrificing control.

 The Wash Code At Pump (WashCAP) Interface module allows you to sell washes at your gas pumps and track, redeem, manage, and control those washes with SiteWatch®.

A wash purchased at the pump is given a unique car number printed on the receipt at the gas pump or inside the convenience store. This car number is good for up to a year (configurable by you) and can be used at any of your locations.

You can use Wash Code at the Pump at your own site, or (with our Remote WashCAP option) you can use it to sell washes directly from the fuel pumps at an outside service station owned by someone else. Remote WashCAP also works with POS registers from major maufacturers like Gilbarco, Wayne and Ruby Verifone, so you can use it to sell washes from an outside convenience store.

Support for a Variety of Pumps

SiteWatch uses the Ryko Protocol to communicate to a C-Store point-of-sale system. Point-of-sale and pump console systems that support the Ryko Protocol include the following:

  • Allied (ANDI and NeXGen)
  • Wayne (MSI/CVN, Nucleus, Plus/3)
  • Gilbarco (Passport, G-Site)
  • NCR (Radiant RPOS, Radiant Softsense)
  • Verifone (Topaz XL, Ruby)
  • and others that support the Ryko Code-a-Wash IV protocol

WashCAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wash Codes At Pump (WashCAP) works to create a win-win opportunity for a car wash and service station. Using WashCAP, the service station can sell washes for the car wash from the fuel pumps at its site. Aside from generating extra revenue for the service station through commissions on wash sales, this also allows the station to offer customers an added convenience that can help it stand out from the competition. This is especially true when the car wash sells its wash for a discount at the service station’s pumps. Additional documentation on WashCAP is available from the manufacturer, DRB Systems (Akron, Ohio). A DRB Systems representative is also available to answer any questions you may have about WashCAP.

What is WashCAP and how does it work?

WashCAP is a software-based product that uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to send information from the service station fuel pumps to a car wash’s SiteWatch POS System. This allows customers to purchase washes from the service station’s fuel pumps and redeem them at the car wash.

How are the washes purchased at the pump redeemed at the car wash?

Every wash purchased at the pump is identified by a unique numeric code that is printed on the pump receipt. When the customer visits the car wash and submits this code, the wash that was purchased at the pump is redeemed. After that point the numeric code on the receipt becomes invalid so it cannot be used again.

Sounds good, but how secure is this system?

It is extremely secure. A VPN such as the one used with WashCAP is a very secure connection between two sites using the Internet. This information is transmitted from the service station fuel pump to the car wash POS system in real time.

What needs to be installed at the service station for this to work?

The service station’s POS system will have to be connected to an Ethernet-to-serial converter, and a power connection for the Internet router will have to be installed. This hardware, along with the SiteWatch WashCAP Module and an Internet connection at the service station, is all that’s needed.

How long and costly is this installation process?

It is quick and very affordable. Most service stations are already Internet-connected, and the hardware required for Remote WashCAP is very basic, uncomplicated, and affordable.

Does installing WashCAP give the car wash access to the service station’s POS system then?

Absolutely not – WashCAP only sends information about wash sales to the car wash’s POS system. It has no access at all to any other transactions that take place at the service station. The car wash and service station POS systems remain completely independent and neither has any access to the other.

Which business actually receives the money from washes that are purchased at the fuel pumps?

The service station receives all the money from washes purchased at the pump.

How does the car wash get paid for the washes sold then?

The car wash has a record of all the washes sold through the fuel pumps. It invoices the service station (typically once a month) for the money collected from the wash sales minus the agreed-upon commission.

Does the service station also have a report on how many washes were sold at its pumps?

Yes, it receives a complete report on wash sales.

Does WashCAP work with all fuel pumps?

WashCAP is compatible with all major brands of fuel pumps and convenience store POS systems includingAllied (ANDI and NeXGen), Wayne (MSI/CVN, Nucleus, Plus/3), Gilbarco (Passport, G-Site), NCR (Radiant RPOS, Radiant Softsense, Verifone (Topaz XL, Ruby), and others that support the Ryko Code-a-Wash IV protocol

How does a service station know its customers will be receptive to buying a car wash at the fuel pumps?

There are never any guarantees in business, but aside from the fact that the investment required to implement WashCAP is very low, there is also every reason to believe that the service station’s customers will be receptive to buying washes at the pump. People are focused on their vehicles when they’re pumping gas, which should make them more receptive to the idea of washing those vehicles. We believe this is a key reason why there are 30,000 car washes at service station/c-stores, according to Convenience Store Decisions magazine. WashCAP allows those service stations that don’t have the space for a car wash – or don’t want to make the investment or go through the zoning procedure necessary to build a tunnel – to offer this service to their customers while generating extra profits for their bottom line.