Marketing With The SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal®

The XPT is more than a self-pay station, it's also a powerful marketing tool. Its flexible marketing features allow you to run prepaid card, loyalty club, and discount coupon promotions without depending on sales employees. Here's how

  • The XPT has a built-in barcode reader for reading cards and coupons from mailers or newspaper ads. This allows you to continue running the same effective loyalty club and direct mail promotions at your self-pay station that have worked successfully for your wash in the past.
  • Our Intelligent Receipt Messaging feature can print personalized messages on receipts based on the customerís purchase. This can be an effective tool in encouraging customers to trade up to better options or return more often. Your XPT receipts can also be loaded with prepaid washes.
  • The XPT opens a wide range of cross marketing promotions for your car wash. It will accept prepaid washes sold at retail fuel pumps (whether at your site or another location) as well as prepaid cards sold at your tunnel or convenience store, even if they're located at another site. In all cases, there is never a transaction fee on prepaid sales.
  • Your club members can see special messages and a different price menu on the XPTís 10.4Ē audio visual screen.
  • All promotional discounts are automatically applied by the SiteWatch System, so you donít have to worry about employee error.
  • You can set up the system to accept coupons only during specified hours of the day, or days of the week.
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