Simplify Employee Management And Lower Labor Cost With The SiteWatch® Xpress Pay Terminal®

A complete self-pay system, the XPT lowers labor costs and simplifies employee management by allowing customers to select and pay for washes on their own. As a result you can offer the same level of service and do the same volume with fewer employees.

The XPT never has a "bad day" and it never misses work, so you'll be able to present customers with a consistent and professional marketing message. Many car wash operators actually found that their dollars per vehicle increased after installing an XPT. Click here to read how dollars per vehicle jumped 8.2% at Miami's Busy Bee Car Wash after owner Jim Mulholland installed the XPT.

You can install the XPT with confidence at your exterior or full-service site knowing that you'll be able to maintain, or even increase, throughput with fewer employees. Each XPT processes up to 80 customers per hour, and you can install up to eight stations at one site. Our Merge Zone technology ensures that only one gate is opened at a time so vehicles are processed smoothly. The XPT can queue cars up for exterior-only sites or issue distinct numbers for cars using express lanes at full service operations.

Xpress Credit Card Clearing (formerly Instant Card Clearing, or ICC) and our new Radio Frequency Identification FastPass® feature also allow you to process more vehicles in less time with the SiteWatch XPT.

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