Comeback Car Wash
Comeback Car Wash
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Growth Recipe
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Turning Cocoons into Butterflies

December 2014

Consumers are “cocooning” and spending more time at home; a trend that has impacted everything from ticket sales at movies and sporting events to restaurant traffic and retail store visits. Can the right marketing mix get these homebodies to visit your car wash more often?

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Numbers Guy

Why Convert Your Best Customers?

When introducing a monthly pass program, your best customers will join and spend less. Here’s why that is not such a bad thing.

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Product in the Spotlight

Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™

Our lightweight but rugged, user-friendly tablet is a point-of-sale terminal and a powerful marketing tool rolled into one.

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Featured Owner

Mark Ellis

Southland Auto Wash

After taking steps to encourage customers to pay via credit card, Southland Auto Wash owner, Mark Ellis, observed a significant increase in dollars per vehicle.

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Cool Things I've Seen

Rich Hays

There are a lot of cool ideas floating around about marketing with social media, but what's really cool is when someone actually puts some of those new concepts into practice in our car wash industry.

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