Harvey Miller
Harvey Miller


Look Who's Talking

April 2014

All word of mouth advertising is not created equal. Car washes that sell monthly passes are in a unique position to supercharge their WOM with brand ambassadors for their sites.

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Numbers Guy

How Likely Are Customers to Rejoin?

A small percentage of monthly pass customers are lost each month. But when someone involuntarily gets kicked out of a monthly pass program, how likely are they to rejoin?

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Product in the Spotlight

Vehicle Profile Detection™

Using sonar to profile vehicles to the inch, Vehicle Profile Detection saves energy and chemicals as well as delivers a better service by automatically and precisely detecting and adjusting for pickup truck beds.

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Featured Owner

Terrance Elder

Triple Play Car Wash

Challenge: How to create higher tickets at your self pay station. Triple Play Car Wash owner, Terrance Elder, has the solution.

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Cool Things I've Seen

Bob Kopko

Sergio Fernandez was looking for a way to get customers at his popular exterior car wash to try his quick lube shop. Unfortunately, the two profit centers were on opposite sides of town!

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